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“Dad Might Have Been in Jail”: Pamela Anderson Confesses to Living With Wayne Gretzky During a Tough Phase of Her Life

Pamela Anderson recently made a splash on Netflix with her memoir, ‘Pamela, a Love Story’. The actress pulled off the curtains from various intersections of her life. From her early childhood days to becoming a protagonist in Baywatch to marrying the Greek-American musician Tommy Lee, the 55-year-old thoroughly covered every nook and cranny of her life. Nevertheless, Anderson also unveiled the ordeals and setbacks she went through. However, while revealing the hardships of her life, Anderson let the name of NHL star Wayne Gretzky, slip through. 

While Anderson’s documentary hails a 3.5-star rating, it also became a part of controversies and speculations from the viewers. From Rocky actor, Sylvester Stallone to the surfing legend Kelly Slater, the actress has named every big star who had an influence on Anderson’s life. Interestingly, in her revelations, the actress also mentioned the ice hockey legend.

Pamela Anderson once stayed at Wayne Gretzky’s house

In ‘Pamela, a Love Story’, the Baywatch actress opened up about the time when she divorced Tommy Lee. In 1998, the Greek musician kicked Anderson while she was 7 weeks pregnant with their son Dylan Jagger Lee, who is now 25.

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Soon after the incident, Lee was sentenced to six months in jail. Nevertheless, she revealed that during that difficult time, the actress stayed at Wayne Gretzky’s house. In her movie, Anderson can be seen watching an old video of her children playing in a pool. While watching the video, Anderson told her son, Brandon Lee that the video was taken when they were living at the Great One’s house. As per her documentary, the actress asserted to her son, “I think Dad might have been in jail at this time”.

The Canadian-American actress indeed had a 20-year-old connection with her compatriot Wayne Gretzky, as mentioned in her film. Not just that, Anderson also detailed her relationship with surfing icon Kelly Slater.

Anderson called Slater her ‘Big Love’

In her documentary, the actress mentioned her relationship with the 11x world surf league champion, Kelly Slater. The pair first met on the set of Baywatch in 1992. Soon after their first meeting, the duo started dating. Two weeks ago, Anderson mentioned in an interview with People magazine that her relationship with Lee, may have been the only time she was in love. However, the actress backtracked from her statement in her documentary, when she called Slater her “Big Love”. 

However, Slater congratulated the actress on her Instagram handle and wrote, “Look forward to watching. :)”. Clearly, Anderson’s documentary has a lot of stoic confessions about her life. Have you watched it yet? If yes, then share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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