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“Feeling After a Great Workout”: 65-Year-Old Ripped Grandma Shows Off Her Toned Body

Social media sensation Leslie Maxwell is taking it up a notch higher for the 60-year-olds leading a sedentary lifestyle. Maxwell is a devoted fitness freak and aced her first fitness competition at the age of 49. Moreover, she is also hailed as a bodybuilding world champion. She shares her fitness regime with the world through her social media. 

Similarly, she recently took to her Instagram to flaunt her unparalleled physique. She added her elderly wisdom as an insightful caption that emphasizes the value of fitness.

Leslie Maxwell shows off her slim build

As per the social media update, the 65-year-old granny influencer strategically posed in a gym setup showcasing her robust proportions. In addition, she added an awakening caption that reflected her motivations to work out. She wrote, “That feeling after a great workout, almost nothing can beat it.”

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Stressing the reality of working out, the Australian athlete added, “What’s funny about training is you can’t get anyone else to do it for you. So it’s up to you to lift the weights yourself.” She also vouched to help those who wish to drift towards fitness. 

She asserts in the message that it is the most efficient way to contour the body shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. “Oh…and eat clean nourishing food too,” she stated. Although, Maxwell isn’t the only 60-year-old in her journey of fitness. 

66-year-old granny pursues bodybuilding

Marlene Flowers aka Granny Guns on TikTok has a massive following of more than 400,000 followers who are inspired by her workout routines and her revolutionary attitude. Her videos are acknowledged by millions of people (16M) while she sweats it out in the gym. She once posted a troll video on her Instagram with the caption, “Me watching older people starting to go to the gym after I was told I was too old and competing at 65.”

Apparently, her vision is to encourage older people to work out and she has set her motto as, “Don’t let fear stop you.” Additionally, she revealed that she was introduced to fitness at the age of 58 and is successfully lifting weights even at 66. 


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While the world shows a comfortable and safe life as a viable option for older individuals, these women are taking the road not taken. They are inspiring and dropping jaws all at the same time. Weren’t you stunned by their zeal? Let us know. 

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