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“Let Him Cook”: Stefon Diggs Getting ‘Cheeky’ With Pro Bowl Cheerleaders Leaves NFL World Shook

Stefon Diggs had the NFL world questioningly raising their eyebrows during the Pro Bowl Game. The Bills WR had quite an unforgettable season and was a vital part of his teams’ success. Despite being unable to make it to the Super Bowl, he was ready to shine in the Pro Bowl Game as he showed off his skills.

But, the WR has quite the reputation of being a ‘ladies man’, and this little exhibition during the weekend’s competition proved the point.

Stefon Diggs got caught in a compromising position

Stefon Diggs was all set to shine in the Skills Showdown at the Pro Bowl Game. Wanting to spice up his catch, the WR crouched behind two lines of cheerleaders while putting on a red mask. As he geared up to make his run, the cheerleader parted on either side of him. Diggs jumped onto a trampoline before diving into a mat to catch two balls. Unfortunately, the WR fumbled the attempt.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman took to Twitter to share a shot of Diggs crouched behind the cheerleaders. The angle of the picture alluded to something else altogether.

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The image, with no context, paints a questionable picture. Kleiman captioned the absurd shot with a monosyllabic, “Diggs?” questioning the compromising position he was in. Here’s what fans had to say on the matter.

The NFL world didn’t let Diggs off the hook

The NFL world wasted no time in reacting to Kleiman’s tweet. Fans referred to the video from Diggs’ time with the Vikings. The WR’s teammates at the time almost unanimously said that he’d be the guy they would keep their sisters away from.

Another fan proclaimed

This user posted a hilarious picture

One fan observed

His not-so-spectacular skills contest performances aside, the WR had a phenomenal season. Diggs was certainly fired up during the Bills’ loss to the Bengals and made sure it was evident. But it does seem like those issues are now buried in the past. With more than 1000 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns, Diggs was instrumental in the Bills’ success. Although they couldn’t make it all the way, the WR will take on the offseason in preparation to come back stronger.

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