“Prepare for the Worst”: 320LBS Bodybuilding Beast Recalls Frustrating Experience From Mr. Olympia 2022

Mr. Olympia 2022 concluded in December in Las Vegas with bodybuilders from all around the world making it a spectacular event. A certain criticism did come its way and that was with regard to the longevity of the contest. Now, amidst several speculations as to why that happened, a certain contestant present at the event has spoken about it. Bodybuilding beast Samson Dauda aka The Nigerian Lion, put on a spectacular show at the competition last December. His performance was lauded and it earned him a spot in the Top 10. However, up until now, little did anyone know about the struggles he faced before walking up to the stage.

Samson Dauda recently spoke in an interview with the YouTube channel Muscular Development about what went down backstage during the Olympia. These revelations make his and everyone else’s performance much more spectacular and respect-worthy. Here’s what the matter boiled down to.

Despite the negative experience backstage, Samson Dauda gave a powerful performance

Dauda was eventually ranked 6th and he proudly wrote the title on the bio of his Instagram page. He went into the competition fully prepared but a flaw in the timings frustrated him. The Open Men’s division, argued by many to be the night’s most eagerly expected event, started at least 5 hours late. All the bodybuilders were required to be at the venue at 6 pm, but they only took to the stage at 11 pm on that night.

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Dauda said, “We’ve been waited that whole time backstage. We sat there, waiting, and everything else… be backstage for seven o’clock and you don’t go on stage till 10 o’clock. We know that”. He further explained how this kind of scenario can occur and that one must be prepared for it. Dauda continued, “As an athlete, you have to prepare for that. That’s your job to be a professional. You’re supposed to prepare for the worst and hope for the best”.

Despite such difficulties, Dauda shined through with his performance. However, he did admit that it could’ve been more difficult for him if he wasn’t experienced enough.

Experienced Dauda is now eyeing the upcoming big thing in bodybuilding

He said, “It could have been really stressful because honestly when you’re sitting there, waiting with the idea of like, ‘okay, I gotta go.’ The stress level builds… But once you have your space, you just relax and try to relax as much as you can. That’s what we did”. Dauda is currently preparing for the other big event in bodybuilding next month.


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The Arnold Classic starts next month from March 2-5 in Columbus, Ohio. From Shaun Clarida to William Bonac to Samson Dauda and a few others, the Arnold Classic roster is out. And with the Nigerian Lion’s attitude and bodybuilding experience, it could quite well be a deciding factor in the competition. But only time will say that.

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