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‘Worst QB Ever to Win a Super Bowl’: Horror Take On Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Leaves This Former QB Absolutely Wrecked by Fans Online

Tom Brady is arguably the best to ever play in the NFL. And Aaron Rodgers has had an impressive career under center at Green Bay. Most of the NFL world agrees with these facts. But not everyone is aboard the modern QB train yet.

Fans shredded a Super Bowl champion QB to pieces for his take on Brady and Rodgers. But what did he actually say?

The NFL world disapproves of a take on Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers 

Trent Dilfer is not impressed with the concept of a modern QB. According to the Super Bowl champion QB, the game is easy for anyone under center in this era. He said that the likes of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers haven’t impressed him.

“Modern day game does not impress me. It’s super easy when you don’t get hit as a quarterback and when you can reroute receivers and when you can hit the guys across the middle. I love Tom Brady, I love Aaron Rodgers, I love these guys. It’s not impressive,” Dilfer said in a viral video.

The NFL world clearly disagreed with Dilfer. Fans wrecked the former Baltimore Ravens QB online for his take. Here are some fan reactions.

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A fan wants the older generation to try and not put down one to raise another.

This fan tries to argue through the playstyle of the different eras.

Another fan pointed out that Dilfer and Brady played in the same era.

This fan seems to have nothing to say at all.

Another fan had this to say about Dilfer.

This fan says the debate is the same as Michael Jordan vs LeBron James.

Every sportsperson is a product of their era. The act of picking up a player from one era and placing them in a totally different one reduces the game to a debate.

The face of the franchise and the face of football

The quarterback has become the most important position on any team’s roster in the NFL. And with the stardom has come pressure to perform in any circumstance. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have done the job like none other through sheer longevity.

Both the QBs are Super Bowl champions and the face of every franchise they have ever played for. And Brady has gone one step ahead of everyone else. He has become the face of football itself.

Brady retired from the game last week while Rodgers is still contemplating his future. But their careers and accomplishments are nothing less than impressive.

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