Copa Libertadores 2023 bracket, fixtures, schedule, teams, live stream and TV for CONMEBOL tournament

In the 64th edition of the Copa Libertadores, Flamengo will look to defend their continental crown as the 2023 edition of the CONMEBOL club championship progresses.

As is often the case, Brazilian and Argentinian clubs dominated the 2022 tournament, with the entire quarterfinal round made up of clubs from those two footballing giants.

This year, the likes of Nacional, Independiente, Atletico Nacional, and others from outside those two nations will hope to break that stranglehold.

The Sporting News brings you an updated look at the tournament, with info on how to watch matches, fixtures, results, highlights, teams qualified, and much more.

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How to watch, stream 2023 Copa Libertadores in USA, Canada

The entire 2023 Copa Libertadores will be shown from start to finish on beIN Sports in both the United States and Canada.

BeIN Sports is available to stream on fuboTV in both English and Spanish. The broadcasts are also available to stream on beIN Sports Connect for those with a valid login and subscription.

2023 Copa Libertadores fixtures & schedule

The 2023 Copa Libertadores began on February 7, 2023 and will run through until the competition’s final on November 7.

47 South American clubs have qualified for the tournament, which consists of three qualifying stages, a group stage, and a 16-team knockout stage.

In all tables below, the first team listed is home for the first leg and away for the second leg. First team listed is reflected first in all final results.

First qualifying round

1st Leg: Date & Time (ET) 2nd Leg: Date & Time (ET) Fixture Result (1L | 2L | Agg)
Tue, Feb. 7 | 19:00 Tue, Feb. 14 | 19:00 M1: Sport Huancayo (PER) vs. Nacional (PAR)  
Wed, Feb. 8 | 19:00 Wed, Feb. 15 | 19:00 M2: Nacional Potosi (BOL) vs. El Nacional (ECU)  
Thu, Feb. 9 | 19:00 Thu, Feb. 16 | 19:00 M3: Boston River (URU) vs. Zamora (VEN)  

Second qualifying round

1st Leg: Date & Time 2nd Leg: Date & Time Fixture Result (1L | 2L | Agg)
Tue, Feb. 21 | 19:00 Tue, Feb. 28 | 19:00 M1: Curico Unido (CHI) vs. Cerro Porteno (PAR)  
Wed, Feb. 22 | 14:00 Wed, Mar. 1 | 14:00 M2: Winner 1QR Match 1 vs. Sporting Cristal (PER)  
Wed, Feb. 22 | 14:00 Wed, Mar. 1 | 14:00 M3: Winner 1QR Match 2 vs. Independiente (COL)  
Wed, Feb. 22 | 14:00 Wed, Mar. 1 | 14:00 M4: Winner 1QR Match 3 vs. Huracan (ARG)  
Wed, Feb. 22 | 19:30 Wed, Mar. 1 | 19:30 M5: Carabobo (VEN) vs. Atletico Mineiro (BRA)  
Thu, Feb. 23 | 17:00 Thu, Mar. 2 | 17:00 M6: Magallanes (CHI) vs. Always Ready (BOL)  
Thu, Feb. 23 | 19:00 Thu, Mar. 2 | 19:00 M7: Deportivo Maldonado (URU) vs. Fortaleza (BRA)  
Thu, Feb. 23 | 19:00 Thu, Mar. 2 | 19:00 M8: Universidad Catolica (ECU) vs. Millonarios (COL)  

Third qualifying round

1st Leg: Date & Time 2nd Leg: Date & Time Fixture Result (1L | 2L | Agg)
Mar. 7-9 Mar. 14-16 Winner 2QR M1 vs. Winner 2QR M8  
Mar. 7-9 Mar. 14-16 Winner 2QR M2 vs. Winner 2QR M7  
Mar. 7-9 Mar. 14-16 Winner 2QR M3 vs. Winner 2QR M6  
Mar. 7-9 Mar. 14-16 Winner 2QR M4 vs. Winner 2QR M5  

Group Stage

The group stage for the 2023 Copa Libertadores will feature 32 teams, with 28 of them already set, and four more entering from the qualifying rounds.

The groups and matchups will be chosen via a draw similar to the one for the FIFA World Cup, where the teams are divided into four pots of eight and drawn into four-team groups, with one team from each pot in each group. The top two teams from each group will advance to the knockout stage, while the third-place team will drop to the Copa Sudamericana knockout stage.

The draw for the group stage will take place on March 22, and group stage play will begin on April 4.

Knockout Stage

16 teams will advance from the group stage into the knockout stage via group finish.

The draw for the knockout stage will take place on July 21, with the group winners listed as seeded teams and drawn against group runners-up as unseeded teams.

Knockout stage play will begin on August 1, with the final happening on November 11. All rounds will be two-legged matchups, except for the final which will be contested in one single match. The location for the final is not yet known, although it’s rumored to be taking place in Colombia.

Teams in the 2023 Copa Libertadores

47 teams have qualified for the 2023 Copa Libertadores, entering at different stages of the competition based on their qualification status.

Because various leagues are at different stages of their league seasons, and many contest their leagues in two separate halves — Apertura and Clausura — each nation has its own variety of qualification methods, often utilizing an aggregate table to determine the best teams throughout the seasons at various stages.

Below is a table of all teams competing in the 2023 Copa Libertadores, cataloged by the stage they will enter. 17 teams will enter in the three qualifying rounds, while only four can advance to the group stage, joining the other 28 clubs.

Stage entered Club Nation Qualified via
First Stage Nacional Potosi Bolivia 2022 League agg. table — 3rd best team not qualified
  El Nacional Ecuador 2022 Copa Ecuador — 3rd
  Nacional Paraguay 2022 League agg. table — 2nd best team not qualified
  Sport Huancayo Peru 2022 League finish — 4th
  Boston River Uruguay 2022 League agg. table — 2nd best team not qualified
  Zamora Venezuela 2022 League finish — 4th
Second Stage Huracan Argentina 2022 agg. table — 4th best team not qualified
  Always Ready Bolivia 2022 League agg. table — 2nd best team not qualified
  Athletico Mineiro Brazil 2022 League finish — 7th place
  Fortaleza Brazil 2022 League finish — 8th place
  Independiente Colombia 2022 League agg. table — Best team not qualified
  Millonarios Colombia 2022 Copa Colombia — 1st
  Universidad Catolica Ecuador 2022 League agg. table — 2nd best team not qualified
  Cerro Porteno Paraguay 2022 League agg. table — 2nd best team not qualified
  Sporting Cristal Peru 2022 League finish — 3rd
  Deportivo Maldonado Uruguay 2022 League agg. table — Best team not qualified
  Carabobo Venezuela 2022 League finish — 3rd
Group Stage Boca Juniors Argentina 2022 League finish — 1st
  Racing Club Argentina 2022 Agg. table — Best team not qualified
  Patronato Argentina 2022 Copa Argentina — 1st
  River Plate Argentina 2022 Agg. table — 2nd best team not qualified
  Argentinos Juniors Argentina 2022 Agg. table — 3rd best team not qualified
  Bolivar Bolivia 2022 Apertura finish — 1st
  The Strongest Bolivia 2022 League agg. table — Best team not qualified
  Flamengo Brazil 2022 Copa Libertadores — 1st
  Palmeiras Brazil 2022 League finish — 1st
  Internacional Brazil 2022 League finish — 2nd
  Fluminense Brazil 2022 League finish — 3rd
  Corinthians Brazil 2022 League finish — 4th
  Athletico Paranaense Brazil 2022 League finish — 6th
  Colo-Colo Chile 2022 League finish — 1st
  Nublense Chile 2022 League finish — 2nd
  Atletico Nacional Colombia 2022 Apertura finish — 1st
  Deportivo Pereira Colombia 2022 League finish — 1st
  Independiente del Valle Ecuador 2022 Copa Sudamericana finish — 1st
  Aucas Ecuador 2022 League finish — 1st
  Barcelona Ecuador 2022 League finish — 2nd
  Olimpia Paraguay 2022 League agg. table — 1st
  Libertad Paraguay 2022 League agg. table — 2nd
  Alianza Lima Peru 2022 League finish — 1st
  Melgar Peru 2022 League finish — 2nd
  Nacional Uruguay 2022 League finish — 1st
  Liverpool Uruguay 2022 League finish — 2nd
  Metropolitanos Venezuela 2022 League finish — 1st
  Monagas Venezuela 2022 League finish — 2nd


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