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Dude Fumbles Every Girl”: Pete Davidson Gets Trashed by NFL World for Pro Bowl Appearance Alongside Eli Manning

Just before the hype of the Super Bowl went crazy, the Pro Bowl happened. There were a lot of different interesting events that took place. For one, Peyton Manning and his son dropped by. Furthermore, even Hollywood was in attendance as comedian and actor, Pete Davidson also came by. He was present at the Pro Bowl and was seen alongside Robert Griffin III.

The clip of the comedian appearing alongside RG3 went viral. They seemed to be conversing about the flag football game that was happening. Fans seem to have a hilarious reaction to Davidson’s presence at the Pro Bowl.

Pete Davidson at the Pro-Bowl

It seemed like Hollywood and the NFL are colliding at the Pro Bowl. The official account of the NFL on Twitter shared a clip of Pete Davidson and Robert Griffin III conversing. Interestingly, the flag football game can be seen going on in the background.

This clip of RG3 questioning Davidson went viral on Twitter and got a lot of traction from the fans. They seemed to have interesting variations of reactions amongst them.

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Interestingly, most of the comments from fans are snarky and seem to be mocking Davidson.

Fans react to Davidson’s presence at the Pro Bowl

Fans did not hold back when they decided to pass their comments on Davidson being at the Pro Bowl. This fan had a snarky comment about Davidson’s dating history.

Furthermore, some fans had never heard of him.

Fans also had sarcastic comments regarding Davidson’s presence.

Fans were also confused as to why Davidson was there.

Fans also commented on how even Davidson looked confused to be there.

It seems like fans do not seem to care about the fact that Pete Davidson is present at the Pro Bowl. Furthermore, there were some personal digs taken at the SNL comic for stating his opinions about football as well as football players.

However, despite his presence, it seems like the Pro Bowl by itself went well. There might have been some injuries but it was an entertaining, albeit kiddie version of football. It only remains to be seen what kind of Hollywood presence the Super Bowl will see.

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