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‘There’s No Way’: Tommy Fury’s Gym Showcase Leaves John Fury in Disbelief

The boxing community is eagerly waiting for one of the most anticipated fights, Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul. They have been roasting each other on social media, much to the boxing fans’ delight, which sets it up perfectly for fight night. If all goes well, then the 26th of February might be the most promising evening for boxing fans.

In a recent video, Tommy Fury’s father John Fury gave his predictions for the fight, which went viral. In it, he claims that his son/student Tommy Fury is fighting very hard in the gym and is quite fit enough to dominate Jake Paul. Boxing media channel, BDZ shared the exclusive video on their Youtube channel. Meanwhile, not only the fighters but their coaches are also busy beefing and showcasing their boxer’s prowess. The recent video proves it again.

John Fury thinks Tommy Fury will beat Jake Paul

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are beefing each other on social media for quite a few days ahead of the most important fight. As a promising future prospect, Tommy Fury stands at 8-0, with 4 KOs. Despite this, people are favoring Jake Paul for the 26th of February. It may be because of his last massive win against the UFC legend, Anderson Silva.

But Tommy Fury’s father John Fury does not think so. He thinks his son will easily beat Jake Paul.

In the interview, John Fury said, “Quick Update to let you know how Tommy Fury’s going on the training, exceptional, he is on fire, Punching with real power and ferocity.”

He also talked about Jake Paul in the interview, “Jake Paul, I’m afraid, doesn’t know what he is in store for, but I do. Jake paul is getting knocked spark out, There’s no way he can match what I’m seeing”

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But it is not the first time that John Fury bashed Jake Paul. A few days ago, he questioned the integrity of the Paul-Silva bout .

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva was a ‘fake’ fight, says John Fury

Recently John Fury claimed that the fight between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva was nothing but a ‘fake’ fight. He said in a previous interview that Silva intentionally fell on the ground and got counted out.

However, Paul’s coach, BJ Flores, was not a man to let the insult slide, and he came back with a sharp retort to John Fury’s allegations.

Although fans think that Jake Paul’s boxing skills will be really tested this time. As fight night approaches, excitement is at its crescendo.

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However, what do you think of the fight? Let us know in the comments.

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