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“Will He Fit Better?”: NFL Legend Rips Kyrie Irving Trade to Dallas Mavericks and Questions Partnership With Luka Doncic

It seems like the NBA world is still reeling in shock. One of the most skilled guards to ever play the game is going to be joining El Matador. Trades between the Brooklyn Nets and the Dallas Mavericks ended with Kyrie Irving joining the Mavs. While the news of Irving going to the Mavs gained a lot of traction in the NBA world, legends from the NFL world also had a lot to say about this trade.

It seems like Shannon Sharpe was very skeptical of the trade that took place. On his show with Skip Bayless, Sharpe spoke about the obvious similarities that exist between the two stars. He proceeded to question the effect of the trade on the Mavs.

Sharpe’s skeptical take on the Kyrie Irving trade

It seems like Sharpe is not fully convinced about the trade that took place between the Mavs and the Nets. Irving has been traded to play with Luka Doncic. It seems like Sharpe is very doubtful of the way Irving will function on a team with already someone as ball-dominant as Doncic. During the show, he mentioned his doubts.

Furthermore, he framed an important question and said, “Although Kyrie Irving is a better player will he fit better that’s the questions get will he fit better than Dinwiddie did with Doncic? As he asked this question, his words went viral on Twitter.

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Fans took to Twitter to showcase their thoughts on the trade as well as on the way Sharpe reacted. In true fashion, the ruthless NBA fans did not hold back as they spoke about the trade that occurred.

Fans react to Sharpe’s words and to Irving’s trade

Fans had interesting reactions that talked about different aspects of the trade. One fan mocked Sharpe’s reaction.

Furthermore, fans also spoke against Irving’s trade.

Fans also badmouthed Doncic for the way he plays.

Finally, fans also mocked Sharpe’s allegiance to another team.

It seems like fans are not very confident in the trade and Irving’s future. Furthermore, fans are also very aware of how Sharpe’s biases come in while making a judgment on the trade.

It seems like Irving has not garnered a lot of faith from NBA fans or ex-NFL players. It only remains to be seen if Irving is able to prove the naysayers wrong.

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