John Daly “Feel Bad” for Kobe Bryant and Other NBA Legends for Keeping Their Memorabilia Without Proper Care, the Golfer Revealed in 2013

John Daly has lived a colorful life on his own. The 56-year-old has survived a controversial career, which was marred with nasty incidents. But in the end, he’ll go down as a two-time major championship winner and one of the pioneers of distance hitting. His career earnings on the Tour meant he made a decent living outside the ropes. It includes a beautiful home decorated with jerseys of iconic sports persons, something which Daly isn’t short of.

John Daly shows off his staggering jersey collection

In an interview at his memorabilia-filled home back in 2013, Daly revealed his earliest memories from the collection. “It’s been years of collection. My first two jerseys were Jeff George and Eric Dickerson for the colts,” he said, before adding that he was given those jerseys without his insistence.

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Daly was amazed by the kind gesture and decided to put it up for the show. He framed the signed jerseys and hammered them to the interiors of his house. But more and more jerseys kept piling up. “I don’t know how many I got,” he admitted.

John Daly
ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND – JULY 14: John Daly of the United States tees off on the third hole during Day One of The 150th Open at St Andrews Old Course on July 14, 2022 in St Andrews, Scotland. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Daly’s influential friend circle meant the iconic jerseys with signatures continued to pile up. His living room was completely filled with frames, which meant the remaining ones had to be put up in the garage.

“I didn’t have any more room in the house and I feel bad. I got Jim Brown’s in my garage, Kobe, Shaq’s, Jose Canseco… they’re in the garage,” he revealed. But there was some respite for such esteemed jerseys, as Daly had an air conditioner fitted in for the collection.

John Daly’s life outside golf

While his jersey collection is priceless, his life outside the memorabilia of his home has been troublesome. Daly went through four marriages, but all ended up in divorce. For almost his entire career, he fended off struggles with addiction to alcohol, which plunged his image into the dirt.

But an experienced head now, Daly has overcome his battles with addiction and is focused on making the most of his golf career ahead. He predominantly plays in the PGA Tour Champions, while appearing for the two major championships he has secured entry in due to winning the title.

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