Super Bowl prop bets 2023: Odds for Fox’s broadcast, including celebrity sightings, Joe Biden, Donna Kelce & Philly cheesesteak

Everything is bigger when it comes to the Super Bowl, including the broadcast, which was watched by over 100 million people last year — over 200 million if you account for group settings. With so many viewers expected to tune into NBC for Super Bowl 57 between the Chiefs and Eagles on Sunday, it makes sense that sportsbooks have opened up their menu of wagering options to include some prop bets on Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen, Joe Biden, and of course, the Philly cheesesteak. 

Some of these props will be controversial, as we outline below. Others are straightforward, like if Jason Sudeikis or Paul Rudd will be the first Chiefs fan shown by the broadcast (Bradley Cooper seems like a lock for ‘First Philly fan shown’). Regardless, if you bet on the broadcast, you have a reason to watch (and pay attention) until the final whistle, regardless of how interested you might be in the sport of football itself. 

Below, we’ll go over our favorite broadcast props that can be found at various online sportsbooks, but there are plenty of others if you look hard enough. One important note, though: You might want to consider utilizing most of these bets as part of a fun prop party game. Most legitimate U.S. sportsbooks tend to shy away from the majority of exotic or novelty bets, and offshore betting sites are not legal. 

If you do want to bet on the broadcast, make sure you understand what your book officially counts as “the broadcast.” Is it from when Burkhardt and Olsen are introduced until just after the game ends? It certainly isn’t the pregame show, and the postgame show is its own thing, too (otherwise the Roger Goodell bet below would be an easy OVER).

It’s likely “the broadcast” officially starts just after the pregame show (i.e. when they run the Super Bowl intro and Burkhardt comes on) until just after the first on-field interview after the game. Burkhardt will likely say something like, “Stay tuned for the postgame show.” After that, all bets are off. 

Let’s dive into the broadcast-related props we have encountered across the web, including Sports Betting Dime and Odds Shark

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Super Bowl prop bets 2023: Broadcast

Celebrity to be Shown During Broadcast Odds
Joe Biden -500
Bradley Cooper -500
Any Kardashian Sister -500
Eric Stonestreet -300
Jason Sudeikis -300
Meek Mill -300
Paul Rudd -300
Kevin Hart -250
Henry Cavill -200
Mike Trout -145
Larry Fitzgerald -125
Chris Paul -125
Devin Booker -125
Matt Damon -120
Miles Teller -110
Jill Biden +100
Wayne Gretzky +100
Rob McElhenney +120
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson +125
Gordon Ramsey +125
John Cena +125
Mark Wahlberg +125
Tom Brady +125
Jon Rahm +150
Rory McIlroy +150
Brad Pitt +175
Michael Phelps +200
Pete Davidson +200
Steve Nash +200
Will Smith +200
Tina Fey +250
Ben Affleck +300
Kim Kardashian +350
Leonardo DiCaprio +400
Pink +400
Kanye West +400
Donald Trump +600

We have a few locks here. First, you can’t spell Super Bowl without Pres., so we’re expecting to see Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden (-500) pretty early into the broadcast. Biden’s approval ratings have been as bad as the Cowboys in the playoffs, but expect to see him declaring his lifelong fandom of the Eagles, acting like he knows who Patrick Mahomes is, and touting his spy balloon vigilance.

Mike Trout (left), Kevin Hart (center), Bradley Cooper (right)

Getty Images

We also like our chances of seeing Eagles superfan Bradley Cooper (-500) and Chiefs diehard Paul Rudd (-300), and we know Philly native and sports enthusiast Kevin Hart (-250) rarely misses a chance for some airtime. Actor Miles Teller (-110) is also a massive Eagles fan, so he should be in attendance. You also can’t go wrong wagering on either Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or John Cena (both +125) being in attendance, as they love catching the cameras’ attention during big national broadcasts.

America the Beautiful – Who Will be Shown First Odds
Patrick Mahomes -145
Jalen Hurts +145
America the Beautiful – Who Will be Shown First Odds
Travis Kelce -150
A.J. Brown +118
America the Beautiful – Who Will be Shown First Odds
Andy Reid -200
Nick Sirianni +175

We would go chalk and lean toward all Chiefs here, as Kansas City has a slight edge in national popularity. Mahomes, Kelce, and Reid easily trump Hurts, Brown, and Sirianni when it comes to familiarity. Just think about how many commercials you see these guys in. Just like the NFL does, Fox will prioritize the more marketable guys during the broadcast. 

See also: Chiefs player or staff first to be shown over Eagles player or staff (-120)

National Anthem – Who Will be Shown First Odds
Travis Kelce -166
A.J. Brown +172
National Anthem – Who Will be Shown First Odds
Kansas City Chiefs Player of Staff -110
Philadelphia Eagles Player or Staff -110
National Anthem – Who Will be Shown First Odds
Andy Reid -135
Nick Sirianni +157
National Anthem – Who Will be Shown First Odds
Patrick Mahomes -130
Jalen Hurts +160
National Anthem – Who Will be Shown Last Odds
Kansas City Chiefs Player of Staff -125
Philadelphia Eagles Player or Staff -125

Second verse, same as the first. If you’re betting on which players and coaches will grace our TV screens first during the Star Spangled Banner, you should be betting on the more popular and heavily marketed ones. Mahomes and Kelce move the needle ratings-wise as established NFL personalities, and Reid has become very popular in his own right over his 31-year NFL coaching career. He’s even drawing mustaches on his players during plane rides now!

How Many Times Will Roger Goodell Be Shown Odds
Over 1.5 -189
Under 1.5 +115
How Many Times Will Tom Brady Be Mentioned Odds
Over 1.5 -190
Under 1.5 +150

After his second (and final?) retirement, Brady now joins Goodell as probably the second-most important and influential non-player in the NFL. The GOAT and the Commish will likely both be mentioned at least twice during the broadcast, with Goodell likely shown once in the first half, once for a reaction shot after a big play, and once after the game concludes. Brady, who has a broadcasting gig waiting for him at Fox, will clearly be upsold by Burkhardt and company during the event. Brady may even make a surprise appearance, which would obviously tilt the scales massively in our favor. Smash the OVERs here.

Whose Mom/Wife Will be Shown First Odds
Donna Kelce (Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom) -750
Brittany Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes’ wife) +424

Sorry, Brittany — the United States loves itself a football mom, and Donna Kelce has been just darling in every one of her broadcasting appearances so far. She’s wholesome and super proud of her kids — two virtues that the country appreciates in a public mom. With All-Pro tight end son Travis going against All-Pro center Jason, this is clearly a storyline Fox will run with early and often during the broadcast. 

What Will Be Said/Shown First During Broadcast Odds
Video of “Philly Special” from Super Bowl LII -160
Video/Picture of Rocky Statue +165
Video/Picture of Cheesesteak +240

This is a toughie, but we would probably lean toward a modest wager on the cheesesteak for the plus odds. Everyone thinks of the stereotypical sandwich when they think of Philly, mostly because that’s what broadcasts have engrained in our heads throughout the years. Rocky has taken a backseat to Creed, and the “Philly Special” from Super Bowl LII might not be aired until either squad runs a trick play. Go for the Cheese Whiz-flavored underdog. 

Which Chiefs Fan Will be Shown First Odds
Jason Sudeikis +105
Paul Rudd +175
Rob Riggle +350
Henry Winkler +500
Which Eagles Fan Will be Shown First Odds
Bradley Cooper -175
Rob McElhaney +225
Kevin Hart +400
Pink +650

It’s tough to pick between “most famous” Chiefs fans, as Sudeikis has become super popular between SNL and Ted Lasso. However, Rudd has Ant-Man, a Sexiest Man Alive win, and several hit comedies of his own under his belt. We’ll lean toward Rudd, who voiced the introduction to the AFC championship game between Kansas City and Cincinnati. 

As for the first Philly fan to be shown, we would expect Bradley Cooper to be a lock. An Abington Township native, the Oscar winner has been a huge fan his whole life and even played an Eagles fan in the Academy Award-nominated film “Silver Linings Playbook.” Let’s hope him being shown first isn’t ‘bad juju’ for Philly. 

Will Clip/Picture of Andy Reid Competing in Punt/Pass/Kick Contest Be Shown Odds
No +120
Yes -150

Everyone loves the clip of Reid at 13 years young looking like a 25-year-old in the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition back in 1971. ‘Andrew Reid,’ as he was announced, couldn’t even fit into the shoulder pads originally given to him for the contest. This clip being aired is about as much of a lock as Matt Patricia being called a rocket scientist every single time the Patriots are in a big game.  

City Joe Biden Says First During Pregame Interview Odds
Philadelphia -450
Scranton +275
Length of Joe Biden’s Pregame Interview Odds
Under 4.5 Minutes -160
Over 4.5 Minutes +115
Player Joe Biden Mentions First in Pregame Interview Odds
Jalen Hurts -220
Patrick Mahomes +160
What Will Joe Biden Say First During Pregame Interview Odds
Jobs +115
Super Bowl +145
Ukraine +450
Build Back Better +475
Diversity +600

That’s a ton of Uncle Joe props! Let’s navigate through them one at a time, like a set of plays to start a drive. First down: easy call with ‘Philadelphia’ beating out Biden’s hometown of Scranton. Super Bowl Sunday is about the teams first and foremost, and the president has been quite candid about how he grew up an avid Eagles fan. He will not miss the chance to credit his squad, as well as give kudos to the predominantly democratic city of Philly ahead of a possible announcement for reelection. 

Joe Biden

Second down: for length of interview, we’re hitting the OVER of 4.5 minutes. Biden, now 80, moves at his own pace and takes his time to elaborate on what he’s trying to say (to put it nicely). He will not be rushed, nor will he keep his answers short. He’s trying to boost his abysmal approval ratings and potentially make voters less weary of his ability to serve until 2028. He’s got some work to do. 

Third down: despite his fandom of the Eagles, we still like the plus odds we’re getting with Mahomes here. He’s the most popular player in the game and the NFL in general, and he’s also the presumptive MVP of the regular season. Lock it in: the face of the NFL gets the first mention from the Commander-in-Chief. 

Fourth down: political speak takes a backseat to ‘Super Bowl’ here, as the reason we are all coming together is for the very American custom of the big game. “Jobs” will be a close second, with Biden assuredly hitting the talking points of job creation and reduced unemployment since he took office. 

Will Kevin Burkhardt/Greg Olsen Mention Odds Odds
No -450
Yes +275

Odds they mention odds? Honestly, pretty good at this point. Sports betting is now legal and operating in some capacity in 36 U.S. states, and Fox and the NFL have partnerships with betting sites. We’ve seen Al Michaels tip-toe around the subject of betting on NBC in the past, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Fox comes right out and lists some odds at some point throughout the broadcast. “This thing of ours” should no longer be taboo if nearly 75 percent of our nation is gambling legally. 

Will Kelce Brothers Hug After Final Whistle On Field Odds
Yes -320
No +210

Well, obviously “yes” is the play here. The Kelce Bros. are tight. The better prop would have been “Will Donna Kelce come out on the field and hug the winning Kelce brother?”

Donna Kelce

(Getty Images)

What Will Happen First During Broadcast Odds
Kelce Bowl Said -215
Either Kelce Parent Shown +145

“Kelce Bowl” is the insufferable term we should all gear ourselves up to hear over and over, just like the Harbaugh Bowl (or Harbowl” years ago between Jim’s 49ers and John’s Ravens. This cringe-worthy term should easily beat any mention of Donna in the telecast. 

When Will Donna Kelce be Shown First After Kickoff Odds
1st Quarter +160
4th Quarter +165
2nd Quarter +300
3rd Quarter +350

Donna will be shown in the first quarter, and we’re 100 percent sure of that. The Fox producers won’t be able to contain themselves with this storyline served on a platter.

Travis Kelce, Donna Kelce

(Getty Images)

Will Damar Hamlin be Said During Broadcast Odds
Yes -250
No +175

Another storyline Burkhardt and company won’t likely miss mentioning, Hamlin was the story of the 2022 NFL season after the Bills safety nearly died on the field against the Bengals in Cincinnati on Jan. 3. We will 100 percent hear at least one Hamlin reference by the end of the broadcast. 

Damar Hamlin

(Getty Images)


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