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“It Was Hard at First”: Alpine Skiing Legend Lindsey Vonn Once Revealed a Bitter-Sweet Moment From Her Toughest Life Phase

Former alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn had a glorious skiing career. She won multiple records and titles to her name. However, the other side of Vonn’s spectacular career was her estranged relationship with her father, Alan Kildow. The father-daughter bond was rocky for some years until Vonn went through a divorce from her ex-husband, Thomas Vonn. Two years ago, the retired skier explained how her relationship with her father improved.

Lindsey Vonn caught her interest in skiing because of her father, who was also an avid skier. His father was her biggest cheerleader every time she won competitions. However, he could have handled it better when Vonn did not perform well. Kildow induced so much negativity in such situations that it became a breaking point for Vonn.

Lindsey Vonn recalls the time when she contacted her father

In an exclusive interview with Graham Bensinger in 2021, Vonn shared how her divorce changed her relationship with her father. Besides her father’s criticism, Vonn’s bond with Kildow became estranged because of her marriage to Thomas Vonn in 2007. They separated their paths for a couple of years since then. However, things took a dramatic turn when Vonn decided to get divorced. It allowed her to contact her dad who was also a lawyer.

During her interview, she said, “When I got divorced then you know I obviously called my daddy as a lawyer and it was hard at first but we definitely worked our way back into it and eventually built up uh our relationship to what it is now”

Before their relationship healed there were rumors that he tried to call and write emails to her daughter during all those years when they were not in touch. Lindsey confessed in the video that although she did see them reaching her, she never opened them. It was because the skier had decided to block her father from everywhere.

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However, during her divorce things changes between her father and her and she is glad about it. Nevertheless, post-divorce, Vonn accepted that she felt highly empowered.

Lindsey Vonn was at her best after her divorce from Thomas Vonn

After four years of marriage, Vonn got divorced from Thomas Vonn in 2011. However, she ascended to her career’s top by winning world cup titles in the downhill category in 2013, 2015, and 2016. Moreover, she also won her fourth World Cup overall championship in 2012.

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Von stated she felt empowered after her divorce. She felt that people before would equate her success to the presence of her husband. But post-divorce, the scenario changed and she felt in charge of her life.

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