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Lost Seven Teeth, but NHL Star Gave Fans a Memory for Life

Sports can be lethal at times. Many athletes have damaged their bodies while playing courageously and selflessly on the field. However, recently, Hockey Beast’s Facebook profile shared a 12-year-old picture of Chicago Blackhawks’ defenseman, Duncan Keith. It was a picture of Keith, missing seven teeth. Yes, you got that right. It was an image after Keith got injured in the final of Western Conference final during his incredible defensive work for his team. But that wasn’t it for the game. Keith did something even more extraordinary than this in that match. 

The incredible NHL fans still remember that game, and as this picture resurfaced, they came up with some brilliant comments for Duncan Keith. Let’s have a look at what he did in that match, and also the comments made by the NHL fans on this recent Facebook post.

NHL fans reacted to the astonishing game display by Duncan Keith

Duncan Keith was one of the best defensemen in the last decade of ice hockey. In game number four against San Jose Sharks in 2010, Keith lost three teeth on the top and four on the bottom. This happened as a result of the puck that came out of Patrick Marleau’s stick and hit Keith in the mouth. However, Keith did an astonishing job after that and came back on the ice after having an instant dental work.

The Facebook page, Hockey Beast, wrote, “Duncan Keith lost seven teeth in all, three on top and four on the bottom, when he took a Patrick Marleau clearing attempt right in the face during Game 4 of the Western Conference final. Two teeth were gone completely. One got stuck in the back of his throat. He had to cough that one up. When he left the ice, there was 12:31 left in the second period. When he returned, there was 5:58. He missed three shifts.”

Whereas, their followers recalled that magnificent game and commented about their memories and Keith’s courage and quality. They wrote, 

“Best Defenseman in the NHL from 2010-2015. And of course it doesn’t hurt that he has a good name… #DK2HOF”

“That’s hockey. Although, not excruciating pain till hours later. Mostly because of anesthetic. Hockey players will always return to ice if doctor clears them. Hate the Hawks. But man that was a “modern” dynasty.”

“I remember when Keith lost his teeth. Really sacrificed himself for that series.”

“I remember,I was so amazed I bought a Duncan Keith jersey”

“And then came the commercial…hi, I’m Duncan Keith, I lost 7 teeth in one shot during the playoffs, but nothing to worry about, I’ve got 25 left! 😉

“One of the best defenseman in NHL history. Not many players would be back on the ice before the period was over.”

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There have been many lethal accidents and collisions in ice hockey. This wasn’t life-threatening but was terrifying for sure. It was also an epic display of dedication and determination to play for the team by Duncan Keith. Moreover, his presence made a massive impact on the game and led the Blackhawks to the win. Did you witness this out-of-the-world display by Duncan Keith? If yes, let us know your thoughts on that game in the comment section. 

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