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Difficult to Control Rush for Fans Watching Surfing Star Being “Unlawfully Smooth”

In the realm of surfing, John John Florence hardly needs an introduction. The 30-year-old is one of the top professional surfers in the world and has shown too much potential to ignore. However, being violent on the waves is not his thing, as seen in the popular video of him cutting through the surf waves with ease.

John John Florence is a living legend because of his early success in professional sports. Recently, the two-time World Surf League (WSL) champion posted a video of himself on his YouTube channel. Florence is slicing through the sea like a hot knife through butter, as seen in the video.

Too easy for the surfing star

Everyone went insane when they saw John John Florence go back to executing his ‘JJF’ moves. Florence’s passion for surfing is greater than his love for everything else in the world. He doesn’t mind showing off his skills every now and then, even if it’s in a competition or him training for the big leagues. Florence has used the surf classic track, Misirlou by Dick Dale & His Del-Tones, in his video as it perfectly matches it.

This fan just reminded everybody in the comment section how skilled the surfer is, saying, “Crazy hes been through like 3 ACLs and still stomps these at almost 30 years old.”

A fan can’t just believe that John John Florence pulled off such a smooth trick, saying, “That was unlawfully smooth.”

It looks like this fan has mentioned Florence’s rival from Brazil, Italo Ferreira, saying, “So perfect I can see Italo’s tears of envy.”

Another fan is just in love with Florence’s skill and says, “These are a few of my favorite things:  1 John Florence surfing. 2 tasty throwback kick stall. 3 ‘King of the Surf Guitar’ beating the daylights out of those big fat strings. Thanks, I’m stompin!”

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Here are some more comments left by fans who are just flabbergasted by the two-time world champion’s skills.

“Gosh, I love to watch you doing your thing!”

“So much control super mad respect John.”


“Bro defied gravity.”

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What do you think of John John Florence showing off his skills? Let us know in the comment section.

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