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Nassau Police Department Addresses Rumors of Receiving “Over 300 Calls” After MJF’s Latest Promo on AEW Dynamite

Sometimes wrestling promos go controversial outside the world of professional wrestling. Similarly, the recent MJF promo has created a bit of hassle outside AEW. The AEW Champion’s story regarding his teenage years was said to be got in the Police department involved to investigate the matter. The AEW star is known to cut controversial promos, but this week’s words were on a different level.

Recently, sports reporter Marc Raimondi shared a tweet shutting down the reports of the Nassau County Police Department getting calls after MJF’s promos. 

He wrote, “Not to break kayfabe, but I contacted the Nassau County (N.Y.) PD and reports that hundreds of people have called about the MJF promo from AEW don’t seem to be true. The public information officer didn’t know what I was talking about and said such calls would go to his office.”

As per Wrestling Inc, the phone calls were to see if MJF’s claims were true or not. Bryan Alvarez had said on Friday, “I don’t know if it was actually over 300 [calls], but absolutely, 100%, they got a bunch of phone calls. That’s not a joke. A bunch of fans legitimately called the Nassau Police Department to report MJF.”

Furthermore, Alvarez also shared that 80% of MJF’s promo was based on his real life and 20% fake. He changed the story in the end and wanted to people to think, MJF is a horrible person. As per Alvarez, he had a legit accident back in his teen years.

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Did MJF get a big win for AEW this week?

ESPN’s Marc Raimondi also talked about how this promo might have brought a big win for AEW. He wrote a following tweet to his previous one while shedding a light on the same.

Raimondi tweeted, “I’ve heard from several people who have said there is truth to the original story. Either way, it was a phenomenal, sinister, disturbing promo by MJF and the question of whether something is real or not is what wrestling is all about. So, huge win for him and AEW.”

The 26-year-old has made quite a name for himself in professional wrestling for being a tremendously great heel. He won the AEW Championship in November after a mega return to the company and has successfully defended the title. 

We know MJF cuts some great promos whenever he is on the show and he did the same this week. Moreover, as he mentioned the name Liv, WWE superstar Liv Morgan was trending for a long time after his promo.

What are your thoughts on MJF’s promo? Share your comment below.

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