‘Sea Cows’ Gave a Delightful Surprise to 11-Year-Old Surfing Brothers in 2022

Surfing is a unique sport, which is one of the few activities that can be calming or exhilarating. Big-wave surfers often risk their lives to surf monstrous waves nearly 100 ft high in places like Portugal’s Nazare. However, surfing can also be an activity that a family can enjoy. Such was the case when two 11-year-old brothers went out to catch some waves with their family. However, they were in for a surprise as their relaxing surfing session turned into a rare encounter with nature.

While the Florida family thought of spending the Fourth of July differently, encountering marine animals was probably not on the list. Even more unexpected was how the creatures took an interest in the two young boys.

When surfing leads to once in a lifetime encounter 

When the family took to the water, the weather was clear, and the water was calm. However, they couldn’t see the two manatees until they swam up to them. Fortunately, the family had something to film the rare encounter. In the video, Lisa Blais uploaded, 11-year-old Evan Blais panics when he comes in contact with the gentle creature. However, Blais’s grandfather told him the animals were not sharks.

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Blais later explained his brother Logan thought the manatees were sharks. The 11-year-old also said he had thought it was a scuba diver “because we saw a scuba diver a day before, so we thought it was the same person.” While the encounter didn’t last for long, one of the manatees went up and bumped Evan Blais’ surfboard.

The 11-year-old dismounted from his board, and the manatee put one of its flippers on the surfboard, swimming along with it for a few moments. However, after it let go, Blais grabbed his board again. Lisa Blais said, “it doesn’t get better than that,” as the once-in-a-lifetime encounter came a day before the twin brothers turned 11. While dolphins sometimes interact with surfers, manatees swimming up to a group of surfers is even rarer. However, the family was lucky that manatees, not sharks, swam up to them

Surfing with dolphins off the coast of California

The twins had their manatee encounter in the Fort Pierce Inlet in Florida. In January 2022, a group of surfers who were surfing off the coast of California had a close encounter with dolphins. The majestic creatures joined the surfers and rode the waves alongside them.

Jim Russi shot a video of the encounter near Rincon Point, a popular surfing spot. Russi has been traveling and photographing surfers for 40 years. “This is the best example of who the ‘real surfers’ are,” said Russi.

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What did you make of the story? Would you like to have a similar encounter with marine animals? Write your views in the comments.

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