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Contract Standoff With Ravens May Lead to Lamar Jackson Becoming a Priority Target for Struggling AFC Team

The Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has been a hot topic of discussion in the NFL world. Despite showcasing a terrific performance, the youngster got deprived of a contract extension. Although fans were expecting the Ravens to carve out a suitable contract for the youngster, the standoff between both parties has led Jackson to attract interest from other AFC teams.

The Louisville product will become an unrestricted free agent on March 15. Post that, he will get an opportunity to engage in trade talks with other franchises in the market. And guess what? Jackson is an emerging talent with phenomenal skill sets and is expected to have multiple offers to begin his 2023 season.

Per reports, the Indianapolis Colts are leading the race, searching for an appropriate quarterback to lead their formidable offensive line. Even since Andrew Luck retired in 2019, the Colts couldn’t find a suitable candidate to fill his shoes. As a result, it became one of the primary reasons for their back-to-back upsets in the subsequent years. Jackson’s inclusion will definitely prove a big relief to their agonizing situation. Moreover, the franchise hosts skillful assets to flourish around this passer.

The combination of Michael Pittman Jr and Running Back Jonathan Taylor will make splendid targets for Jackson if he ever makes it into the team. For all these to happen, Colts must be ready to take a large hit because a player like Jackson won’t come cheap.

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In fact, it was one of the reasons why Jackson’s deal didn’t come to fruition last year. If the Ravens want more time to make a decision, then the team can put him under the franchise tag. It can be an either exclusive or non-exclusive tag. It will bind the management to offer him $32 million next season and more than $40 million if Jackson agrees to an exclusive option.

Experts vouch for Lamar Jackson to get the deal as early as possible

Jackson is an uncut diamond ready to upgrade his status among the big names in the league. He is a former MVP, and the right opportunity would help him grab the ultimate Super Bowl ring in the future. His situation looks similar to that of Davante Adams. A franchise tag-and-trade allows the quarterback to engage in various talks.

“He’s had a lot of success early. He won an M.V.P. in his second year. And so you know, with that thought, it’s like, ‘I want top dollar,’” former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick said, per The New York Times. “And then you look around, and you see what’s going on around you, who getting paid around you, and that becomes a thing in your mind for all the right reasons.”

“You should feel that way, ‘I got more accolades than him, so I should be getting paid more.’” he added. Meanwhile, the head coach John Harbaugh tried to establish authority by saying, “Lamar Jackson is our quarterback.”. It will be interesting to see how long this drama continues and whether Jackson lands a contract extension or not.

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