“Inside Job”: Eagles Fans Accused of Intentionally Cursing the Chiefs for a Super Bowl Loss

It is going to be a monumental moment for the Eagles and the KC fans in Arizona, where two gunslingers of the current generation will face each other in Super Bowl LVII. Ahead of the big night, fans from both sides got engaged in the pregame antics that involved Philly’s Rocky Balboa statue.

For those who don’t know, it is an ill-omened structure, bringing hard luck to all those who try to tamper with it. History happens to be the evidence of this very notion. This statue is located in front of Philadelphia’s museum of art.

The 9-foot-tall sculpture often attracts fans from the opposing team to engage in pre-game dress-up. Generally, such antics are exercised to instigate Philly and its loyal followers. However, it backfires every time, and gradually teams find themselves in a losing position.

Soon this trend became a highlighting factor for franchises playing against the Eagles and came to be known as Philly’s Rocky statue curse. Whoever tried to drape their jerseys couldn’t score more than 7 points against the Eagles in a playoff matchup. Something that is worth mentioning at this point.

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Recently, the discussion around the Philly curse reignited after someone dressed this statue with a red jersey. It had “Let’s go Chiefs” written over it. In no time, this incident spread like Wildfire on social media fuelling the KC and Eagles banter, who blamed each other for draping the Rocky.

It is yet to be seen whether the Chiefs are able to get past this situation because teams like the Niners, Patriots, Vikings, and Giants have been the victims of this curse.

Travis Kelce has a warning ahead of the Eagles’ match-up

Do not poke Rocky. Leave the Rocky alone, were some of the comments that circulated across social media. In fact, it would be the most sensible thing for a KC fan at this point. Especially, ahead of a game with such huge stakes, there isn’t room for taking chances.


The Chiefs Tight-End Travis Kelce viewed in a similar manner catching the wind of this terrible Philly curse. “Chiefs, do not touch the f—ing Rocky memorial!” Travis Kelce said on his “New Heights” podcast, per ESPN. “Do not do that, and definitely don’t put a No. 87 on it!” he added.

Anyway, it is going to be a fun night. All eyes will be focused on the two quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts, trying their best to lift the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

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