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Super Bowl Champ Vernon Davis Weighs In on Tom Brady’s Future in Hollywood After ‘80 for Brady’

Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL. That is because he had all the qualities to set him up for success on the football field. But could those qualities translate into something else entirely after his retirement from pro football? Can the legendary QB do something extraordinary outside the world of sports?

Brady tried his hand in acting with a role in the ’80 for Brady’ movie. And that has prompted Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis to weigh in on the legendary signal caller’s future in Hollywood. Does Tom Brady have a future in Hollywood?

Pro Football player turned actor Vernon Davis impressed with Tom Brady’s acting debut

The former Denver Broncos tight end said that the qualities that made Brady the GOAT on the field are enough for him to excel at anything he wants to do.“I could see him having longevity. He knows about discipline, he knows about hard work. He knows what it takes to be great at anything. So, with that, he can only go up,” Davis told TMZ Sports.

’80 for Brady’ released earlier this month with mixed reviews from critics and fans. It is the story of a group of four friends in their 80s played by Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin, Sally Field, and Jane Fonda. The group goes out of their way to catch Brady and the New England Patriots play in the iconic 2018 Super Bowl. The movie also stars Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

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Brady had an unprecedented career on the football field. In his 23 years in the NFL, he won the Super Bowl a record seven times. As he draws curtains on the greatest career of all time, he has a lot lined up for his future.

A relaxed life on cards

Tom Brady said goodbye to the football field earlier this month in a short and emotional video. But he has a lot lined up to kick-start his relaxed retirement. The first of all things was his movie venture that gave him good results, while also giving his fans a glimpse of another of the QB’s talents.

Brady will turn an analyst for Fox Sports as he already has a 10-year deal with the broadcaster worth $375 million. But most importantly, he will spend more time with his kids. Will the fans get to see their favorite QB hoist an Oscar the same way they saw him lift the Lombardi? Many will line up to see it if that happens.

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