“Surf Trip Disguised as Our Late Honeymoon”: Young Star Confesses to Wife How His Passion Fueled European ‘Vacation’

Hawaiin-born Pro Surfer Nathan Florence is the middle child of three children in his family. The eldest of them all, John John Florence is widely regarded as one of the finest pipe surfers of his era. However, all three brothers in the family have a shared love for the sport. Nathan Florence also has a YouTube channel with surfing videos occupying most of his content. In one of the recent clips, in an interview with his wife, Florence shared a personal detail about the two regarding their honeymoon.

Florence, while planning his surfing trips, had a dual purpose in mind this time around. He planned his trip to Europe with his wife, Mahina Garcia choosing specific locations that met both his requirements – His surfing needs and to spend quality time with his wife. Here’s what he did.

The ulterior motive behind Nathan Florence’s surfing trip to Europe

Nathan Florence and Mahima Garcia got engaged back in 2020 and got married later in the same year. The Hawaiin heiress is a fitness model with more than 149k followers on Instagram and is the daughter of former Jiu-Jitsu champion Mr. Kai Borg Garcia. In the YouTube interview, uploaded on Florence’s YouTube channel,  Garcia asks her husband about his surfing trip with an ulterior motive.

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Reading a fan question from a card, Garcia said, “You went on a bunch of trips this year including a long stay in Europe. Did you have all these waves and spots planned out, or was that supposed to be just a vacation with Mahina turned into an all-time slab tour?” Nathan replied, “Okay so, someone planned out Europe was a surf-ship disguised as our late honeymoon. And I said we will be doing a little bit of both, and I may have manipulated some of the locations, where they happened to be swell at a certain time”.

Laughing hysterically, Florence confessed to his plan almost nonchalantly. Mahim Garcia further stressed how serious her husband made it look as far as his training was concerned. However, despite his plan, the honeymoon trip was met with a few challenges of its own.

Despite meticulous planning, Nathan Florence’s romantic getaway met with a few problems

Nathan Florence’s romantic trip became tougher, and it had to do with the huge luggage he was carrying. Florence had both, surfing and honeymooning, on his mind on the trip. Therefore, bringing heavy gear with a “coffin of five boards” and a “gun board with two guns in it” became a massive problem for the couple.


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His brother John John Florence got married last year in December, to his longtime girlfriend, Lauryn Cribb from Australia. The two-time world champion was also in stellar form at the Billabong Pipeline in the World Surf League in 2023, which created a frenzy in the surfing world.

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