“Probably Calls It Brockaroni” – Fans Get Involved in Hilarious Guessing Game as to Why Brock Lesnar Donned a Feather in His Hat on Raw

Fans across the internet have a fun relationship with the WWE legend Brock Lesnar. There are days when they feel the need to defend their favorite wrestler against harmful opinions. Furthermore, there are also days when fans troll Lesnar to a laughable amount.

In either case, the internet is up and running because of the legend, and his fans having a fun time. Recently, fans showed how much they would be afraid to fight the beast of the ring in an elimination chamber. The question itself invited replies from the fans, and the comments did not disappoint. People found creative ways of saying what they would do if they found Lesnar giving out an evil smile to them just before a fight. Similarly, the internet has yet again assumed its duty to talk about The Conqueror.

A TV host, Denise Salcedo, recently tweeted about the wrestler in a hat. This featured Brock Lesnar rocking the new feather hat in his ‘Raw’ match that took place on 13th February 2023. He went up against Bobby Lashley in the match wearing the hat. This evoked a lot of questions in the hearts and minds of the viewers.

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Fans guess why Brock Lesnar was wearing the hat

The hilarious guessing game started in the comments of Salcedo’s tweet as she asked the fans to “explain the feather.” People jumped in with their own theories. The interesting part is that nobody is trying to guess the real reason but making up stories to make things take a hilarious turn.

He thinks he’s a native Canadian,” wrote a fan in the comment. All the humor perhaps started with this comment.

Somebody said, “he called it macaroni.” There will be a lot of ‘Yankee Doodle’ references to the cap.

His name is Yankee Doodle, and it’s called macaroni,” commented a user. This makes up for an amazing twist in the rhyme.

A fan said, “Yankee Lesnar probably calls it Brockaroni.” The pun used in this comment is elite indeed.

Got it from the live chicken he ate in his trailer,” somebody reported. The world wouldn’t be shocked if this was the actual story.

A user wanted to explain, “it makes it more aerodynamic.” This explains the brilliant techniques that The Conqueror uses in his matches.

That is all that is left after Brock punched a bird,” a fan said. The internet will now guess what feud could Lesnar have had with the bird.

These reactions, at times, make for the best of the best off-stage moments. Even if they are not directly related to a match, fans feel in touch after such hilarious interactions with each other. WWE stars only rarely reply to fan reactions. However, these comments still hold the power to make anyone’s day.

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What’s your guess on why Lesnar is rocking a feather hat?

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