“250 Million”: Logan Paul and KSI Reveals ‘Staggering’ Sale Figures Making Prime Fastest Growing Hydration Brand

If you’ve recently been online, you undoubtedly already know that PRIME energy drinks have become somewhat of a phenomenon. Many people are starting to clean the mall shelves, and many malls have stopped giving out energy drinks, making their sales off the racks.

PRIME popularized by YouTubers KSI, and Logan Paul is generating quite a stir. The sweet-colored drink has brought Logan Paul and KSI massively more money than their main role, which is making content. But it doesn’t mean their bank accounts won’t be loaded with even if PRIME failed.

How does PRIME hydration really make, then?

When it comes to their marketing, once enemies now business partners are undeniable professionals, since it has been successful for them. You can only speculate how much the initial value may have cost given that the drink gives many teenagers a sugar rush and that some even go so far as to sell empty bottles for money. Logan Paul recently made the precise sum known during a guest appearance on the Australian radio station, KISS 1065. The YouTuber was only too ready to share the exact figures that showed how profitable Prime has been when Kyle and Jackie O, the show’s hosts, asked him for them.

We want the numbers,” Kyle said. “What are we dealing with here?”

Alright,” Paul replied. “In year one, we cleared $110 million in retail sales.

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Sorry, excuse me,” He corrected himself and continued. ” $250 million in retail sales. $110 million gross internally.”

“In January of this year, we did $45 million.

“Only in January?” Jackie O replied.

Yeah,” Logan Paul, who was obviously pleased, said.

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Due to security concerns resulting from their shenanigans, they recently had to postpone their event at a mall in Australia to a different venue. with affiliations with popular entities like UFC, Arsenal, and the Super Bowl, their popularity has taken quite a turn.

However, not everyone enjoys them as well. After videos of teens looting Asda surfaced online, one doctor even went so far as to advise against giving youngsters highly caffeinated drinks.

But even without these figures, their earnings have been skyrocketing, and it appears that they will continue to do so for at least a while.

Have you tried PRIME hydration yet? How do you feel about it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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