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Amidst Metroid Prime Remaster’s Immense Success, the Upcoming Sequences May Blow Away Nintendo Switch Fans

Very recently Nintendo held a Direct showcase for a bunch of Nintendo Switch games. During this showcase, fans were given a glimpse at a bunch of new titles coming to this console. Obviously, the highlight of this showcase was Nintendo’s upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

They went ahead and revealed a new trailer for it as well as provided details on its collector’s edition. But then Nintendo revealed something incredibly unexpected. They went ahead and shadow-dropped Metroid Prime Remastered for Nintendo Switch. And now it appears there’s much more to follow!

Nintendo might follow Metroid Prime Remastered with its sequels

Metroid Prime Remastered came into public view out of nowhere and instantly set a standard for excellence. There have been numerous other ports of older games, but none of them showed so much promise.

The game looked so unlike its original self, that one trailer convinced all its fans to purchase it instantaneously. Eventually, the news got out that this game was being worked on by Retro studios for a very long time now. They rebuilt a bunch of new assets textures and such for this game from the ground up.


Even Digital Foundry could not resist praising this excellent remaster. But fans kept wondering one thing, where are the sequels? When the news of these remasters started dropping in, fans heard murmurs of the trilogy, not just the first game. The absence of Metroid Prime 2 and 3 during this showcase confused fans.

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Looking at Metroid Prime Remaster, fans cannot contain their excitement for the sequels, and now they want to know if those sequels are indeed coming to Switch or not. Thankfully, Jeff Grubb the industry insider and a very trusted source has confirmed that those two games are indeed coming to Switch.

We should not forget that he was the one who revealed the existence of these remasters for Nintendo Switch in the first place. Although he never confirmed the release pattern of these games, it appears that Nintendo has decided to spread the release of these three games across 2023, to make up for the lack of any big first-party titles for Switch after Tears of the Kingdom.

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Whatever their reason might be, we cannot wait to get our hands on those sequels. Seeing the quality of the first one has made every Metroid Prime fan very happy indeed.

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