Jason, Travis Kelce discuss emotional meeting with mother Donna after Super Bowl 57: ‘Tears of joy’

One of the central figures of Super Bowl 57 wasn’t a player in the game, but the mother of two of its biggest stars: All-Pro brothers Jason and Travis Kelce.

Donna Kelce was in the unenviable position of watching her two sons’ teams play against each other in the biggest game of the sport, placing her in the national spotlight in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. Ultimately it was her younger son Travis who came away with his second Super Bowl victory, while Jason stood on and watched the Chiefs celebrate.

That led to two heartwarming moments on the field at State Farm Stadium on Sunday, as Donna Kelce caught up with both of her sons in the aftermath of the Chiefs’ 38-35 victory: She had jubilation for Travis, and consolation for Jason.

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Jason and Travis Kelce on Wednesday relived that moment — and their mother being centerstage in the lead-up to the Super Bowl — in the latest episode of their “New Heights” podcast on Wednesday.

Jason Kelce — who had already met with his younger brother — said he wasn’t emotional until he saw his mother on the field. He added that he didn’t want to bring the Chiefs tight end down, emotionally, following the latter’s victory in Super Bowl 57.

“Well for some reason when I saw you I wasn’t that emotional,” Jason Kelce said on the podcast. “I was really, really happy for you. I think I was still caught up in the game though and I just wanted to try to not bring you down. Just wanted to say congratulations and was really happy for you but was still caught up in myself a little bit.

“The moment when I saw Mom was when I got real emotional, because, man, it was so awesome,” Jason Kelce said, getting emotional as he remembered the moment.

“She was the heavyweight champ, man. She was on top of it and she shined the whole time,” Travis Kelce said. “That was the coolest part. Mom, you actually killed it. Dad, you’ve been killing it.”

Added Jason Kelce: “Ironically you lose the Super Bowl, and you’re crying after the game. And they’re not tears of sadness, they’re tears of joy.”

Here is the full discussion of Jason and Travis Kelce remembering that moment:

[embedded content]

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That moment drew plenty of praise on social media as observers admired the brotherly — and maternal — love:

With that, the Kelce brothers once again showed that, while football is important, family takes precedent. And they likely have their mother to thank for that.


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