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“LeChina Should Match”: Michael Jordan’s Record-Breaking $10,000,000 Act Ahead of His Big Day Incites Strong Debate

Michael Jordan has not shied away from donating his wealth to noble causes. Over the years, the billionaire NBA team owner and business mogul has given away a large chunk of his net worth to numerous charitable deeds. Likewise, despite popular belief, he has contributed a significant amount to helping suffering kids in the past. The Hall of Famer recently made headlines for making a record-breaking donation on the event of his 60th birthday. The Chicago Bulls legend donated the largest sum of money in a popular charitable foundation’s history, with whom he had worked for a long time.

The NBA world lauded the 6x NBA champion for his generous act. However, unsurprisingly, some fans brought LeBron James into the picture like always. Consequently, Jordan’s act of kindness sparked a heated debate on NBA Twitter, with fans demanding the King to match the act.

Michael Jordan makes largest ever donation in Make-A-Wish foundation’s history

In the past, Michael Jordan has worked with many foundations to solve various societal problems in the country and beyond. Likewise, his association with the Make-A-Wish foundation goes back decades. To commemorate his dedication and belief in Make-A-Wish’s cause, the Hall of Famer recently made a huge donation. 

In light of his 60th birthday, the 6x Finals MVP donated $10 million to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Interestingly, Jordan’s $10 million donation marks the largest ever donation in the foundation’s 43-year history. The Charlotte Hornets owner revealed the reasoning behind his generous act. 

According to an article by the Guardian, Jordan harped on how he wanted to inspire others to fulfill the wishes of millions of suffering kids. He said, “For the past 34 years, it’s been an honor to partner with Make-A-Wish and help bring a smile and happiness to so many kids…I can’t think of a better birthday gift than seeing others join me in supporting Make-A-Wish so that every child can experience the magic of having their wish come true,”

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Subsequently, a social media parade lauding His Airness ensued after the generous donation. However, like always, LeBron James came under the spotlight after MJ’s act. 

Fans drag LeBron James into the conversation amid MJ’s praises

Jordan’s donation received a positive reaction from the NBA world. However, the never-ending comparisons between LeBron James and Michael Jordan that have also slipped into their philanthropic works also took center stage. Unsurprisingly, Jordan’s recent $10 million donation sparked another heated debate on social media in the comment section of a report from Front Office Sports, comparing MJ’s deed to the King’s works in the past.

Here are some fan reactions on Twitter:

Some fans also went to the length of demanding the Los Angeles Lakers forward match the donation. What are your thoughts on Jordan’s generous donation? Let us know in the comments below.

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