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NBA Legend Mourns Tragic Death of 82-Year-Old Hollywood Actress

The world has been plagued with many unfortunate losses over the years. Recently, the NBA world, alongside an NBA legend, mourned the loss of a legend from the entertainment industry. The year 2020 plagued the world with a pandemic and many lost their loved ones as well as their inspirations. Although everyone has moved on from the pandemic, unfortunate deaths still string a chord with many, as it did with the Charlotte Hornets legend Rex Chapman. The loss of legendary Hollywood actress Raquel Welch on 15th February has evoked the same emotion from many people.

Rex Chapman recently shared a video compilation of the legendary Raquel Welch on his Twitter. It was a tribute to the magnificent life that the 82-year-old lived, with amazing memories through her movies.

Rex Chapman pays tribute to Raquel Welch

The compilation video posted by Chapman would make anyone nostalgic and teary-eyed, as it contained countless clips of Welch performing in her movies. According to reports, the 82-year-old passed away peacefully after battling a brief illness. The Hollywood icon who was once considered the ‘International S*x Symbol’ in the 60s went on to grace the cinema with her presence.

Many teenage girls looked up to her in hopes of emulating a sliver of her personality. Thousands of fans had her posters hanging on their bedroom walls, especially her iconic shot in the movie One Million Years B.C.

Her loss is indeed an unfortunate moment for the film fraternity, and the most that one could do is pay tribute to her years of service to the entertainment industry.

Rex Chapman seems like a fan, like many others who remembered her performing in iconic roles and movies. The superstar was once the epitome of glamor in Hollywood, and a blueprint for everyone to follow decades later.

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The Charlotte Hornets legend had a lot of replies under his tweet that emulated the same emotion as Chapman. His Twitter content is relatable and sometimes goes viral, like his tribute to the 37th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.

Rex Chapman’s tribute to the 37th Anniversary of the Challenger disaster

The Hornets legend also remembered the lost souls on the anniversary of the horrific disaster. The Challenger Space Shuttle was destroyed a minute into its flight that lost seven astronauts on board. A terrible loss that was documented on live television.

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When Chapman paid his tributes on Twitter, many came out to pay their respects as well as the tweet went viral. The tweet reached over 6.7 Million people as everyone remembered the “scarring” event.


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