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“Charles Don’t Lie That’s You” – Fans Are Having None of Charles Oliveira as He Clarifies Viral Video

Like most UFC fighters, the Brazilian MMA fighter, Charles Oliveira too had to face many controversies. The former UFC champion has a record of 33 victories and nine losses. Oliveira’s last fight was against the current lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev, at UFC 280. However, ‘Do Bronx’ was not able to do his best, and he had to submit to a triangle arm choke by the Dagestani fighter in round two. The loss was considered one of the worst failures in the career of Oliveira, who failed to defend his lightweight title. Nonetheless, the Brazilian fighter is preparing himself to come back stronger than ever.

Once the professional lives of the fighters are kept aside, like every other human being, they too have some normal and funny takes on various things. It is social media that connects UFC fighters with their fans all around the world on a personal level. Recently, the funny side of Oliveira came out after a silly claim about him went viral. A video of a boy and girl dancing began circulating on the internet just because the boy looked like the young Oliveira. Finally, he had to come to the limelight to clear the air.

Fans react to the viral video, claiming it is Charles Oliveira.

In the video, a young boy and a girl were seen dancing, and by the end, the boy kissed the girl. Both of them are way too young, but fans assert that the boy is none other than the former lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira. The videos of the kids were clubbed with Oliveira’s current videos to make the netizens realize that it’s truly him.

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The uncanny appearance between the two made many believe that it is ‘Do Bronx’. Finally, to clear up the confusion among the netizens, Oliveira reposted the video and tweeted, “This one is more complete. But it’s not me no bro”


Check out how fans reacted to Do Bronx’s response

One of the fans was sure that it was no one else but Oliveira himself. He wrote, “Fake news, obviously it’s him! If it’s on the internet, it’s true.

Another fan asked the Brazilian fighter to be honest and not lie

When most of the netizens focused on the young doppelganger of Oliveira, one of the fans was concerned about his possible fight against Beneil Dariush. At the moment, Dariush has taken a vow to finish Oliveira at UFC 288 to get a title shot.

To pull the leg of ‘Do Bronx’, a fan wrote; “It’s okay Charles, everyone has had a heartbreak.

One of the Twitter users wrote a highly sarcastic comment: “Don’t be ashamed of your past, bro, assume.

After watching the video, another fan had a hilarious response. He stated that it’s okay to have humble beginnings.

One of the ardent fans of Charles Oliveira stated how the former lightweight champ’s tweet makes him happy.

What do you think about the video? Do you think the kid in it is really ‘Do Bronx’?

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