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Donovan Mitchell’s Girlfriend Raised Question Marks After Her Valentine’s Day Images Had a Peculiar Absence: Report

Donovan Mitchell continues to impress with constant improvement in his scoring potential every season since his debut with the Utah Jazz in 2021. After enjoying five brilliant seasons with the Jazz, Mitchell has continued to evolve during his stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. The four-time All-Star has averaged a career-best 27.3 points, 4.1 rebounds, 4.9 assists, and 1.5 steals per game in 50 appearances in 2022-23. Amid a dream run for Donovan Mitchell on the court, his new girlfriend has raised questions among fans following her peculiar Valentine’s Day pictures that had one major thing missing, as per reports.

Donovan Mitchell and his girlfriend Tinara Westbrook made their relationship official on Instagram in September 2022. Since then, they have posted pictures with each other on their social media on a regular basis. However, a recent Valentine’s update from Westbrook left the fans wondering about their relationship.

Have Donovan Mitchell and Tinara Westbrook split?

Many NBA couples including Kyle Kuzma & Winnie Harlow, Tyler Herro & Katya Elise Henry, among others expressed their affection for their partners on the occasion of Valentine’s Day on social media. However, the pictures shared by Tinara Westbrook on February 14th left fans confused about the recent status of her relationship with Donovan Mitchell.

As per a recent report, “This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, many [fans] went to both Mitchell and Westbrook’s social medias to see what they got up to. Much to their surprise – the answer seemed to be nothing. Westbrook posted some photos that didn’t feature Mitchell at all on her IG Stories.”


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A post shared by Tinara Westbrook (@tinarawestbrook)


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A post shared by Tinara Westbrook (@tinarawestbrook)

Meanwhile, Donovan Mitchell also did not post any pictures about how he celebrated the day of love. The absence of Mitchell in the recent pictures uploaded by his girlfriend Westbrook has left fans thinking if the couple have split and kept a low profile about it. Moreover, the report also suggested that the last time Donovan reacted to a post by his girlfriend was back in mid-December.

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Thus, the absence of Mitchell from Tinara Westbrook’s Valentine’s Day update caused a stir among the fans. However, there has been no confirmation if the couple has decided to part ways.

Can Mitchell lead the Cavs to the playoffs this season?

The last time the Cavs made it to the playoffs was in 2017-18 when LeBron James led the team to their fourth consecutive finals appearance. However, since the four-time NBA champ’s exit, the Cavaliers have failed to make it to the playoffs in the last four seasons.

Last year, the young guns of Cleveland put on some promising performances as they finished ninth in the Eastern Conference with a 44-38 record. However, they lacked the firepower to make it to the playoffs. With Mitchell’s addition to the team, the Cavs have performed much better this season. They currently stand fourth in the East with a 38-23 record. Thus, Donovan Mitchell could be the factor that could help the Cavs end their playoffs drought this season.

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