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Veteran US Congressman Puts Warner Bros. on the Spot for Promoting “Paltry $2K Pay Of” UFC’s Dana White’s Power Slap

The Power Slap has made a good viewership in the little time it has been out in the open for. Dana White‘s brainchild, the Power Slap League’s second episode, which came in the last week of January, managed to gather 413,000 Views on TBS. The official Instagram handle for Power Slap has got over 400k followers. White also talked about the growing popularity of the Slap League in his interaction with the media. The league, however, has drawn a lot of flakes from certain sections for overlooking the safety of the athletes involved. The concerns have now found strength and the United States Congress is involved.

Bill Pascrell, who is the U.S. representative for New Jersey’s 9th congressional district, has tweeted about their concerns regarding the safety of the athletes involved. The congressional representative has been serving the house since 1997. He raised concerns about how watching athletes getting severely injured could not be called entertainment.

Dana White is in trouble with Power Slap

Since its inception, Dana White‘s Power Slap league has been under fire for overlooking the safety of the athletes. The league’s pay structure was also criticized; keeping in mind the amount of danger involved in the sport. Pascrell has voiced both these points out. He tweeted:

In a second post he shared, he wrote to Warner Bros. and TBS demanding some answers to his questions.

It appears that Dana White has a few more battles lying ahead as he goes on with his new league. The congressional representative has made stinging remarks. He stated that the new league “capitalizes on violent behavior and lurid drama masquerading as athletic prowess for profit,” and noted that participants “are offered a paltry $2,000” for “endangering their mental and physical health.

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While he has looked sure of what he is doing, the pressure about the safety concerns has been mounting. As the voices of Congress raise questions, Dana White will have to be really alert and ready for questions that may come his way.

Dana White strongly defends Power Slap

The questions have been there since the Power Slap came into existence. Dana White has been open to answering questions and speaking his mind about the issues regarding player safety. The Promoter who has made MMA a popular league in world sports has a fair amount of experience in conducting combat sports.

UFC President Dana White
Las Vegas , United States – 6 October 2018; UFC President Dana White during the post fight press conference following UFC 229 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Dana White has been heard giving arguments defending Power Slap in his recent interactions with the media. He had compared Power Slap as less dangerous to boxing or MMA since players take only 3 or 4 hits at max in a bout.

He mentioned how a typical fighter may be dealt with 300-400 times in a fight. What’s your take on the Power Slap League?

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