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“It’s Not the Jazz’ Choice”: Amid Bulls Rumors, “Jobless” Russell Westbrook Bombshell Dropped by NBA Analyst

With a hefty trade drama that is going on in the NBA since the eventful February 9 deadline concluded, many players’ future are left to speculation. The most recent one is Russell Westbrook, who has been making headlines after his trade to Utah Jazz on the deadline. Westbrook is undoubtedly a generational talent with an MVP award, multiple scoring titles, and numerous All-NBA and All-Star selections. However, the 34-year-old’s underwhelming stint with the Los Angeles Lakers has adversely impacted his fortunes in the current trading market. Recently, a reputed ESPN analyst made a bold claim about Westbrook’s chances in the buyout market.

After his trade to the Utah Jazz earlier this week, the All-Star player has also been linked to teams like the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Clippers. However, his recent trade report has left many wondering about his future in the league.

NBA analyst on a Russell Westbrook trade

In his recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, NBA analyst and bestselling author Brian Windhorst commented on Westbrook’s current situation. He stated that while many players have already executed buyouts and moved to new teams, Westbrook remains without a roster spot. Windhorst boldly implied that NBA teams not trading for Westbrook could be an indicator that they don’t want him, “So if somebody wanted him[Westbrook], he’d be on a roster.” The veteran journalist further added, “There could be an injury somewhere else but you know typically in a buyout situation you are looking for a guy to plug a role to fill a limited role in.” This is not something Westbrook has portrayed, and therefore, it’s not that simple for him to find a new team.

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Brian Windhorst went on to discuss why the Jazz had not bought out Westbrook yet, stating that it could be because Westbrook doesn’t want to sit out without a job. However, Windhorst believes it’s a straightforward negotiation process, with the team reducing his salary by what he could sign for, and Westbrook moving on with his life. Windhorst concluded by saying that, “It’s not the Jazz’s choice at this point, I believe it’s Russell’s.”

Westbrook’s season with L.A. Lakers

Earlier this week, Russell Westbrook was traded to Utah Jazz from the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook’s performance has not been great in L.A., where he was moved to the bench this season. Amid the “jobless” tag on Westbrook, there seems to be an opportunity for him to play for the Utah Jazz. There are reports that his interest lies elsewhere. There are also plenty of rumours about Russell Westbrook possibly getting to play with another team. 

Where do you think will Brodie end up? Let us know in the comments below.

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