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“You Did That to Your Body” – Joe Rogan Loses It Over Hollywood Star Charlize Theron’s Insane Transformation

Joe Rogan is obviously a man of varied tastes. From combat sports to politics, he is no stranger to the nitty gritty involved in those subjects. And this is also quite obvious during his interactions with the multitude of guests on his successful podcast. But perhaps, what’s rare is seeing Rogan swoon obsessively over someone, or specifically a Hollywood actress at that. And that’s exactly what the 55-year-old commentator did in one of his latest episodes on Spotify.

Speaking to guest and author Mark Greaney, Rogan expressed his feelings about actress Charlize Theron and her amazing work. He specifically pointed out her role in the 2003 Hollywood movie ‘Monster’ as what captivated his creative senses. Apart from her apparent acting prowess, the UFC commentator also had quite a few more compliments to share about the ‘gorgeous woman’ during the conversation.

Joe Rogan on Charlize Theron’s role in ‘Monster’

Episode number 1942 of JRE saw Rogan sit down with novelist Mark Greaney of “Gray Man” fame. As the duo talked about a host of topics ranging from acting to literature, at one point they ended up discussing a few outstanding actors and movies that had left a lasting impression on them.

Kathy Bates was one such actress that Rogan claimed mid-way he was amazed by. This eventually led him to bring up comparisons with another Hollywood actress in the form of the talented Charlize Theron. The 55-year-old UFC commentator seemed particularly impressed by her role in ‘Monster’, wherein she played the role of Aileen Wuornos.

“…Charlize Theron’s like that. In monster oh my god when she played Aileen Wuornos. She’s so fuckin hot. She’s hot as the sun and she gets fat and shaves her eyebrows off, and she looks like this psycho.” expressed the JRE host.

Also, the fact that Theron chose not to use any prosthetics to play the role of the serial killer impressed him even more. Expressing his amazement he said: “Oh my god, that’s not even prosthetics. You did that to your body? That’s insane.” 

Rogan speaks about actors going through extensive physical changes for a role.

To the remarks on Theron’s apparent disregard of her appearance and her commitment to the role, Greaney and Rogan both wondered as to what pushed artists to pick up such roles.

“And also for a woman, who’s a gorgeous woman, who’s like this A-list actress to do that to her body. And you know probably hard to bounce back from that too. I mean, look at her ….dude she f*****g nailed it.” Stated the UFC commentator as he wondered how the actress managed to pull it off.  

As they continued discussing the idea of extreme transformations for such roles, Rogan pondered if it took a very rare person to do that.

“I bet if you are a s*x symbol like her ……Like people like that. It’s a rare person. If you can get that person like a Christian Bale who’s willing to starve himself for the Machinist. And get someone like that to do your role…you just become a different human being.” Stated the host.

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This aspect of Rogan‘s personality was definitely a very rare sneak peek into how a successful personality like him could also be a fan of other successful individuals. Ultimately, this conversation also served as a reminder to fans about the masterpiece of a movie by Theron. And it could be a great idea for fans to give ‘Monster’ a rewatch again.

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