“Got Mine From Michael Jordan”: $14 Million Worth Pistons Icon Belittles NBA Host Over 1 Opulent Reason

There are only a few NBA greats who qualify for the GOAT debate besides Michael Jordan. However, the one success no athlete has been able to replicate his His Airness’ leap off the court. Unsurprisingly, it is the Jordan sneaker brand. The show had a story ever since Jordan first debuted it in the NBA. Today, it is widely the reason a sneaker revolution has taken over the world. The brand is the biggest shoe on the planet. No matter what the age, a feeling of excitement courses through one when they get their hands on a new pair. But former Chicago Bulls forward John Salley has the privilege only a few lucky ones had in their lifetime.

Salley was the first player in NBA history to win three championships with three different franchises. The forward was one of the core stars in the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons’ dynasties. The Spider and Dennis Rodman were two guys who elevated the Detroit Pistons into the championship stratosphere. The five-time champion made a name for being a long-limbed defender. Salley could block shots left, right, and center. Combined with the flair and athleticism of Dennis Rodman, the two made for one of the most intimidating defensive duos.

CHICAGO – 1991: Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls jumps to shoot a basket against the Detroit Pistons as Cliff Levingston #53 of the Bulls, Dennis Rodman #10 of the Pistons and Isiah Thomas #11 of the Pistons watch the shot at the Chicago Stadium during the 1991 NBA Playoffs in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images)

After winning his two championships with Detroit, the forward had stints in Miami and Toronto. Halfway through 1995, he found himself in the enemies’ den. He joined Michael Jordan and the Bulls that season. Surprisingly, being a ‘Bad Boy’ didn’t make him a hated face. He developed a great relationship with Michael Jordan.

In a recent podcast, the 58-year-old used his bond with the six-time champion to shut down host Pierre Edwards.

John Salley pulls the Michael Jordan card

As a guest on Pierr’s Panic Room, Salley spoke about leaving the NBA to play in Greece. The 58-year-old star was part of the Chicago Bulls in their dynasty years. But it wasn’t just any season. He became a part of the Michael Jordan-led franchise when they shattered the history books with a 72-win record. Shockingly, despite proclaiming them the “greatest team ever”, Salley had to leave.

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Before he could go into the reasons why Edwards cut him off to flaunt a certain possession of his. The host showed his Air Jordan back from 1996. He put them in Salley’s face gloating about them being his time with the Bulls. Just like his time reputation as an NBA player, Salley quickly put a stop to the talk. The former NBA star said, “You got yours from Foot Locker. I got mine from Michael” 

Michael Jordan
28 April 2010: NBA great and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan during the Pro-Am of the Quail Hollow Championship at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Chris Keane/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images)

The single arrow left Edwards stumbling for words. Salley, despite being a ‘Bad Boy’ has maintained a positive relationship with Michael Jordan. His first mark of respect for the six-time Finals MVP came back in 1991. It was the ionic moment the entire Pistons walked off the floor right in front of Jordan’s eyes even before the game was over. But no one but four of the Detroit players stayed back to share a moment of respect with the Bulls for finally overcoming their toughest opponents. One of them was John Salley.

That could be one of the big reasons Jordan welcomed a move for Salley to join the Bulls at a time he was desperate to win. Moreover, his track record was also enough for the face of Air Jordan himself to give the four-time champion a few pairs.

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John Salley might be one of the few NBA players Michael Jordan is friends with. And it surely came with one of a kind benefits that no one but the circle of MJ can have.

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