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Travis Kelce’s Brother Jason Develops Bad Habit as Part of Grieving Process After Losing Super Bowl

Losing is never easy. But tasting defeat in front of millions, in the biggest game of the season, is something no one would want to experience. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl game ends with a winner and a loser. And, no one wants to be in the shoes of the Philadelphia Eagles at present. After coming tantalizingly close to taking the trophy, a narrow 3-point lead gave the Kansas City Chiefs the edge they needed. However, with the latest update, it seems the loosing Kelce brother is not taking things rightly.

For the Kelce brothers, facing each other in the Super Bowl was a massive accomplishment all by itself. Going head to head, they took sibling rivalry to a different level altogether. But the confetti and champagne could be enjoyed by only one. Jason Kelce had to watch his younger brother hold the coveted trophy. While there’s not even the slightest hint of bad blood between the two, taking his statements into consideration, the older Kelce will take a while to move on from this crushing loss.

Jason Kelce faced a tough loss, perhaps the toughest of them all

Jason and Travis Kelce reunited on their podcast after the Super Bowl faceoff. With a blend of tears and laughter, the duo recounted their experiences from the big game. When asked about how he was feeling post the Eagles’ loss, Jason Kelce’s usual joyful outlook was slightly diminished. In light of the close game that could’ve gone either way, the Eagles center couldn’t help but consider other outcomes of the game.

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Kelce seemingly lost sleep while mulling over the things he could’ve done to have come out on top.

He said, “Not to be dramatic but this is part of the grieving process. S*cks. You know I don’t think I’ve slept much for multiple reasons but you’re also thinking about things. you know, if I just would’ve called this, maybe the gam’s different and of course doesn’t matter, the game’s over.” But, the older Kelce brother also explained the emotional juxtaposition of the situation. On one hand, he was miserable after the loss. But on the other, he couldn’t help but be happy for his younger brother’s victory.

The Kelce name was a big part of the game

The Kelce brothers are perhaps one of the most beloved duos in the NFL. The Eagles center and Chiefs TE are not only great players but also amazing entertainers. Their podcast ‘New Heights’ is a fan favorite. The episode after the brothers’ faceoff was perhaps the most anticipated one. It was fans’ first glimpse of the two of them engaging in the conversation since their interaction at the Super Bowl.

Travis Kelce, Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce

Their visible appreciation for each other is perhaps what makes them so beloved. The Kelce family was a huge part of Super Bowl LVII. As the offseason kicks in, fans will hope that they’ll get to see more of the duo next season. Do you think fans will get to witness the brothers go head-to-head in a big game once again? Let us know in the comments!

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