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Fans in Frenzy as First Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Undercard Bout Ends ‘Way Too Quick’

YouTube sensation Jake Paul is gearing up for the toughest fight of his rising boxing career against former reality show star, Tommy Fury. The two social media sensations are scheduled to face off in Saudi Arabia in one of the biggest influence boxing fights ever. Despite the main event garnering all the attention the undercard also features some good matches. This included the first fight between undefeated boxer Bader Samreen and Viorel Simon.

However, this fight failed to live up to the expectations as it ended in the first round with Samreen adding another win to his record. The Jordanian boxer added his seventh stoppage win after the 41-year-old succumbed to the pressure in the first round itself.

Although the fight was a mismatch on paper with Simon losing six of his last seven fights, the first-round victory was certainly unexpected. Moreover, the fans were quick to jump on sharing their thoughts on the fight as they reacted to Samreen’s victory.

Fans react to Bander Samreen’s first-round victory on the undercard of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

A user named dragon claimed that the first fight was off to a quick start with Samreen’s flashy victory.

Another user named Xprex also agreed that the fight was finished way too quickly.

Moreover, one fan named Faraz praised the Jordanian boxer for his excellent performance.

A fan named Ayham Eid went as far as calling Samreen his Greatest Of All Time.

A user named Mena Massoud was also appreciative of the undefeated boxer’s showcase.


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Another fan stated that the Middle East now had a great and upcoming talent in Samreen.


Lastly, one fan touted Samreen as the future of boxing in Jordan and also praised him for his performance.

Despite the fans feeling that the fight ended quickly, they were supportive of Samreen and his showcase with the world watching. This could now be the catalyst for the young boxer to put himself on the map and contend for a title in the future. Moreover, the card also features some other great fights with upcoming boxers who will all get a platform to show the world what they are made of.
What did you think about Samreen’s first-round victory over Simon? Let us know in the comments.

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