‘He Is Not the Best and You Know It’ – Tennis Fans Gets Serious Over Chris Evert’s Support for Novak Djokovic’s GOAT Comment

Novak Djokovic has been hailed as the “best” by the tennis great Chris Evert, who praised his positive and confident mindset on the court. The Serbian player recently appeared in an interview where he expressed his conviction that he is the best when playing tennis against anyone. He commented that he doesn’t believe this mentality to be arrogant or pretentious. Chris Evert, who won 18 Grand Slam singles titles during her career, reposted the tweet to support Djokovic’s claims.

She argued that it is his positive and confident mindset that makes him the best, rather than his arrogance. Evert has been on the top of the sport for years, and as such, her claims will definitely stand strong even amidst vehement opposition. Evert’s tweet received an outpouring of responses from fans and followers of both players. Some agreed with her assessment, while others felt that Djokovic’s claim to be the best is indeed arrogant.

Novak Djokovic loses some fans for being “entitled”

Although, there is no denying that Djokovic’s record on the court speaks for itself, the GOAT debate for tennis still persists. For many of the Ice Maiden’s followers who reacted to her tweet, Djokovic is simply being arrogant.

A follower called Djokovic “selfish” and “entitled”. On one hand, the Serb says he does not need to prove anything to anyone, on the other his claims to be the best are met with constant backlash.

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Fans have also compared Djokovic’s “arrogance” with Nadal and Federer.

Tennis fans on Twitter have not forgotten Djokovic’s rage rushes on the court either.

While Djokovic’s success on the court is undoubtedly due to his skill and talent as a tennis player, Evert’s comments suggest that his mindset is equally important. Djokovic’s positive and confident approach to the game has clearly served him well, enabling him to perform at the highest level and achieve his goals.

Is Djokovic really the GOAT?

Djokovic’s success on the court has also brought attention to the debate about who is the greatest male tennis player of all time. While Federer and Nadal have also achieved incredible success, Djokovic’s recent victories have put him in contention for the honor. Many fans and experts believe that he could surpass his rivals’ records and become the undisputed GOAT in men’s tennis.

As Djokovic continues to compete at the highest level and rack up victories, his positive and confident mindset will undoubtedly continue to be a key factor in his success. Whether or not he ultimately becomes the GOAT remains to be seen. However, one thing is for sure: he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court for  a few more years.

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