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How Does Hogwarts Legacy’s “Evil Ending” Differ From Other Endings?

Hogwarts Legacy is the latest addition to the action role-playing genre. Besides the Potterheads, many video game enthusiasts have fallen in love with this game. One of the reasons for this is the game sticking with the RPG mechanics. And the most entertaining of the lot in this game is the “Choice System”.

The “Choice System” has become a norm in the latest RPG titles. It allows players the freedom to write their versions of the story. So, the same plays a vital role in this Hogwarts Legacy. As a result, this game has three endings- the good, the bad, and the true ending. But let’s take a look at the darker end and how it differs from the others.

What happens in the bad ending of Hogwarts Legacy?

Those who have always been intrigued by the dark side, and wanted to embrace darkness even before the likes of Voldemort and Grindelwald, need to make a vital choice after making their way through to the Final Repository of Ancient Magic. The player should choose the “I intend to open it” option to start the evil ending.

After choosing the evil option, the Goblin named Ranrok will appear and take the dark power to transform into a magical dragon. But before the player fights the Dragon Ranrok, a cutscene will take place where Professor Fig will die. After defeating the Goblin-turned-Dragon, the player will absorb the dark magic for themselves and their eyes will glow red.

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The ending red glow might mean that the player has to embrace the darkness and might become a dark wizard. So, you possibly succeeded in becoming a great dark wizard before Voldemort and Grindlewald.

How does the ‘bad ending’ differ from the other ones?

If the players have been goody-two-shoes throughout the game, then go for the “I intend to keep it contained here” to trigger the good ending. Now, Professor Fig dies in both endings, but in the good one, he will not die before the fight with Ranrok. Instead, he will succumb to his injuries after defeating the Goblin-turned-Dragon.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Fig death.jpeg

Players will also not get to see their glowing red eyes, as they store the dark power back in the repository instead of absorbing it. Aside from this, there isn’t much difference between the two endings. Now, the true ending is where the player wins the House Cup. But the quest to win House Quest only unlocks after doing either the bad or good ending.

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For now, there is no consequence for which ending the player takes in the game. But who knows, it might affect the events of any future DLC for Hogwarts Legacy. Let us know which ending did you choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

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