Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury live play-by-play

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury - Press Conference
Jake Paul meets Tommy Fury this weekend.

Check out our live coverage of Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is this Sunday in Saudi Arabia. The bout, which fell through two times prior to this, seems like it will now go off without a hitch.

The bout has been a long time coming with plenty of trash talk between the two fighters. Both bring undefeated pro boxing records into this one. However, Paul is the one with more established combat sports names on his list of wins.

Fury has been trumpeted as the first actual boxer to face Paul, but his undefeated record is light on notoriety. Fury is also better known by many as a contest on the British reality show Love Island.

Paul vs. Fury is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET on Sunday. You can check out round by round commentary and scoring right here on Bloody Elbow.

You can watch the event on Showtime in the US and FITE.tv in most other places.

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