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“Kyle Busch/Denny Hamlin Fan” Suspected for Disgraceful Video Against Alex Bowman Turns Out to Be a Chase Elliott Fan

Passion runs strongly among NASCAR fans for their respective teams and drivers. However, sometimes it drives fans to do unimaginable things. Recently, one such case was brought to light. A fan uploaded a disgraceful video on social media citing his displeasure towards Alex Bowman. Interestingly, most fans of the sport suspected him to be either a Kyle Busch or a Denny Hamlin fan. That wasn’t the case as he turned out to be a Chase Elliott fan.

The competitive spirit is not just limited to the drivers. It extends to fans as well, who, at times, tend to get carried away in their enthusiasm. However, expression of such enthusiasm is only encouraged in the right spirit. The video, uploaded initially on TikTok, demonstrates a violent hatred towards Bowman. But as was evident from the reactions, it didn’t sit well with other fans.

Fans link the uploader to Kyle Busch or Hamlin

The video showed a NASCAR fan and his father destroying a diecast of Alex Bowman‘s car. Apparently, the father–son duo was unhappy with luck allegedly favoring the 29-year-old. It is funny how there can be such contrasting opinions about the Hendrick Motorsports teammates.

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At first, seeing the hate against Bowman, other fans were almost convinced that the video uploader might have been a fan of Kyle Busch or Denny Hamlin fan. Though both these drivers have had their issues with Bowman previously, the fans were not right in assuming that.

It is likely that the user meant the clip to be funny. But the triviality of it all was bothersome for some, and the clip was not received as well as the user might have intended.

Elliot fan comes out to claim the post

After several predictions, the son from the father–son duo came out to own the posting. The video was uploaded a year ago but was rediscovered very recently. He confirmed his love and passion for Chase Elliott and how he fancies only the 27-year-old in the Hendrick Motorsports team.

All said and done, it’s understandable that having a favorite sportsperson might drive one to say or post hurtful messages or video clips. But it should be discouraged, and it would do wonders if NASCAR’s most recognizable faces address the issues with such posts.

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