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“They Can Bully All They Want” – ‘First Openly Gay’ UFC Fighter Rejoices After Dominant Win

Jordan Leavitt had a few things to take care of, and he did. Since he was coming out of a loss against Paddy Pimblett. ‘The Monkey King’ would have wanted a win desperately, and he got it. He was a dominant force throughout the fight. His moves were swift and his punches accurate. As he knocked out Victor Martinez, he erased the memories of his submission against Paddy Pimblett and inked a victorious memory on it. In the post-match interview, he let the world know how he felt. He talked freely about his financial decisions, being bullied, and being gay.

Jordan Leavitt now sits on an 11-2 win, loss record. He looked content and proud of his achievements as he addressed the media.
The 27-year-old had earlier expressed himself in an Instagram post talking about his past few months have been eventful. Leavitt mentioned buying assets in the past months and scoring his first knockout.

Jordan Leavitt was left ‘impressed’ by his own performance

Jordan Leavitt appeared in a red denim jacket and pants with black heel shoes in the post-fight interaction media. He sat with his legs on the table and looked uber-confident and proud of his achievement.

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His statements weren’t too far away from his seating stance. He said,I’m so happy, I’m in a great mood, I look good I feel good, I performed good, got a little more than I should have but I got two paychecks and my last fight isn’t me getting teabagged and from a bunch of drunk degenerates, so pretty good. I hate losing. I am so glad the last fight in my mind is gonna be this. It’s gonna be a dominant win and an impressive showing from me not to be cocky but am very happy am very impressed with myself.”

Leavitt opens up on bullying

Leavitt gave a very candid speech about how he had been bullied all his life and for what reasons. He mentioned how his speech impediments and sexuality landed him in trouble often. He said, I have been bullied my entire life for speech impediment for being awkward, for being quiet, for being fruity, for being the first openly gay UFC fighter. I have been bullied my entire life and being bullied off and win does not hurt at all. They can bully me all they want until I lose the next one. Better stop. That would be nice and free speech should be legal.”

The win has now raised some voices for a rematch between Leavitt and Paddy Pimblett. If that materializes or not is yet to be seen. What’s your take on Leavitt’s statements? Should he get a rematch?

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