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Mere Hours After “I’ll Fu*k You Up” Warning, LeBron James’ Teammate Exposes Big Gametime Fight

In a stunning comeback victory on Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers overcame a 27-point deficit to defeat the Dallas Mavericks by a score of 111-108. LeBron James’ lesser known teammate Austin Reaves was a key contributor off the bench. He scored 9 points on 6 shots while also recording three assists and 3 rebounds in 27 minutes of play. However, it was his verbal altercation with Dallas Mavericks’ Josh Green that stole the limelight of the show. The ripples of the incident were felt even hours after the game had ended.

During a crucial fourth-quarter play, Green forced Reaves to turn the ball over. Green responded with a shove, which prompted Reaves to retaliate with a threat. The incident soon got heated and other players and officials had to intervene.

Austin Reaves said “I’ll fu*ck you up” to Josh Green

Reaves told Green that he would “fu*k [him] up”, after the altercation escalated quickly, with both head coaches attempting to intervene to prevent the situation from getting worse. Despite his contributions to the Lakers’ victory, Reaves’ verbal altercation with Green will undoubtedly be the most talked-about aspect of the game. In a sport known for its intense rivalries and physical play, such altercations are not uncommon. 

While the altercation between Reaves and Green certainly added to the drama of the game, it was the Lakers’ stunning comeback that ultimately stole the show. With the win, the Lakers created a streak of winning three games in a row. The Mavericks, meanwhile, fell to 32-30. In his postgame press conference, Reaves was asked about the incident with Green. 

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Austin Reaves explains his heated exchange with Green

In an interview taken hours after the heated exchange, Reaves elaborated on the incident, explaining that he was not happy with something Green had said to him. He initially brushed the whole thing off. However, he later on revealed hesitantly, “I try to play every game like it’s my last, something was said, and I didn’t really like it.”

Despite the heated exchange, Reaves downplayed the incident, claiming that it was simply a part of the game. “We were just playing basketball, competing,” he said. “It’s a fun part of the game.” When pressed further on what was said, “I don’t remember” was Reaves’ response after a smile.

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