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“Sometimes Bullies Just Need an A** Wh*pping”- Dana White’s Right Hand Man Advocates for BJJ Training for Youngs as He Congratulates a 13-Year-Old Take Down Bully Twice Her Size

An outsider might perceive MMA as a violent sport. However, for those involved in it, the MMA also offers a chance to regain their confidence and a shot at reformulating their life. Further, the MMA, the influx of multiple martial arts, remains one of the most prominent alternatives to mastering the art of self-defense. And occasionally, to protect others as well. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu finds itself at the top of the list where the practitioners learn the skill of holding down their opponent, instead of hurting them. Therefore, the BJJ emerges as a life skill, even more essential for children who might find themselves in tough situations. The UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard advocated for the same as he shared an immersive clip where a 13-year-old took down a bully twice her size.

Notably, the vice president of talent relations for the promotion was in awe of the skills the BJJ prodigy exhibited. He also believes turning the other cheek on the bullies is not ideal. Furthermore, the UFC associate advised imparting BJJ training to kids to mold their acumen.

Mick Maynard advocates for BJJ training for the young ones

The UFC matchmaker took to his Instagram handle as he shared the famous clip. In the clip, the viewers could witness the efficacy of BJJ skills as the young girl, Apolonia Nuncio, took the bully’s back and then successfully clinched her in a rear-naked choke.

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Maynard, in the caption, mentioned the recent surge in bully videos and pointed out that they picked up the wrong one at this particular time. In addition, he strongly voiced his opinion, as schools aren’t best equipped to address the issue thoroughly.

Thus, he wrote, “Lately there’s been a lot of viral videos of kids getting bullied and beaten up. Well, they picked the wrong one this time. This is an example of why you should put your kids in some form of martial arts like Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

“Start them young. So that one day when that situation arises, they know what they need to do,” he added later on.

Maynard discloses the effective way to tackle the bullies

Following this, he pointed out the inadequate mechanism of schools. Lastly, he forwarded his congratulations to the young girl.

Thus, he declared, “Schools aren’t always able to resolve these problems. And talking doesn’t always work. And turning the other cheek will only embolden bullies. Sometimes bullies just need an a** wh*pping. Great job @apolonianuncio ! And great job as a parent raising her Gilbert!”

Maynard joined the UFC in 2017 as he took charge as the talent relations executive. Undoubtedly, he proved his ingenuity as he rejuvenated and rebuilt the flyweight division in the promotion.

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What do you think of this opinion of the UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard? Do you believe in giving young ones training in BJJ? Let us know in the comments below.

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