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Bodybuilding Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Simple Dumbbell Workout in Latest Newsletter

If there was a temple of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger would definitely have an idol there. And his idol would probably be a beautifully buffed statue because the man sure knows how to get some awesome gains. Lucky for us, Schwarzenegger is benevolent enough to provide us with some bodybuilding tips.

In his monthly newsletter, Schwarzenegger gives many tips to his followers and subscribers. The newsletters contain some personal insights as well. But perhaps the most special feature of the newsletter, is the ‘Workout of the Week’. What exercises has the bodybuilding legend suggested this time?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 15-minute dumbbell workout for core and legs

An exceptional characteristic of the workouts suggested by Schwarzenegger is that they are accessible to everyone. Most of them are without equipment while some require very basic equipment, such as a pair of dumbbells. Similarly, the most recent workout, according to his newsletter, is also dependent on just a pair of dumbbells.


The workout suggested by him includes exercises that are non-technical. These exercises will target your core as well as your legs. And another great feature is that the entire session can be completed in only 15 minutes. However, just because the exercises are not that complicated and the workout seems to be short in duration, does not mean that it is an easy one.

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The workout will take all your strength and dedication. But if one really pushes themselves, they might just start feeling like Arnold Schwarzenegger from his golden era. What are the exercises included in this 15-minute workout?

The four horsemen of this workout

The workout consists of four exercises in total. These are Overhead Farmer’s Walk, Alternating Dumbbell Lunges, Press Up Renegade Row, and Paused Goblet Squat. Now they might sound complicated, but here’s the simplified version. For the Overhead Farmer’s walk, one simply needs to clench the dumbbells overhead in a neutral grip and walk for 30 seconds while controlling the weight overhead. for the Alternate Dumbell Lunges, one needs to hold the dumbbells, tighten the core, and start lunging.


For the Press Up Renegade Row, get in a plank position with your dumbbells in each hand. Then press up with your elbows just below your shoulders, in an ‘arrow’ shape. Now push on the floor to return to a plank position. Now row one weight to your hip. Now perform another press-up and so on. For the Paused Goblet Squat, hold the dumbbell as you would a goblet. Now get into a low squat. Repeat.

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Let us know in the comments how many reps of each exercise you could finish.

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