NHL to ‘scrutinize’ trades to ensure injured players aren’t stashed until playoffs

The NHL will “closely scrutinize” trades to make sure injured players aren’t stashed on long-term reserve until the playoffs to skirt the salary cap.

The NHL addressed the issue in a memo sent to teams on Tuesday, Sportsnet can confirm.

Concern has been raised by some teams that players have been obtained before the trade deadline but not been added to the active roster until the playoffs, potentially circumventing the salary cap. The salary cap does not apply during the playoffs.

This issue drew attention two years ago, when the Tampa Bay Lightning were accused of being as much as $18 million over the cap during their Stanley Cup run. An NHL investigation into the matter found no wrongdoing.

Players on the LTIR who have been rumoured to be on the move before the March 3 trade deadline include Sean Monahan of the Montreal Canadiens, Adam Henrique of the Anaheim Ducks and Gustav Nyquist of the Columbus Blue Jackets.


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