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Outgoing Star’s Emotional Message Finds a Unique Way into Fans’ Hearts

Some players leave a big impression in a small amount of time. When Sam Lafferty was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks, no one knew just how special he would become for the team and the fans. But that is exactly what happened. Lafferty became a special part of the team after his trade in January 2022. Lafferty was traded by the Pittsburgh Penguins, in exchange for Alexander Nylander.

Now, Lafferty stands to be traded yet again, after the Toronto Maple Leafs acquired him. The Maple Leafs have not won any play-offs since the year 2004 and it seems like Sam Lafferty is who they are relying on to change their luck. While the trade comes as a piece of good news for the Maple Leafs, the Blackhawks fanbase is already missing Lafferty. And it seems like Lafferty is already missing the Blackhawks as well.

Sam Lafferty pens the best goodbye note ever

The Chicago Blackhawks put up a post thanking Lafferty for his memorable tenure with the team. And Lafferty, not wanting to be left behind, asked the administration to share a special note for the team as well as the fanbase. Sam Lafferty wrote, “I want to thank the Blackhawks for these last 2 seasons.”

In the note, Lafferty also described his feelings when he had just joined the team. Lafferty elaborated by saying, “When I was traded here I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m grateful for everything that has happened since then. The team gave me an opportunity to play, the fans at the United Centre were incredible, and my teammates have become great friends.”

In addition to these wonderful words, Lafferty wrote a heartfelt goodbye, not only to the team but to the fans as well. He concluded by saying, “I’m going to miss it, but I’m very excited for what’s ahead. I loved my time in Chicago, and I wish this team and fan base all the best.”  His departure has left a hole in the hearts of his fans, and they couldn’t help but express their dismay.

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Lafferty fans are heartbroken

They say all good things must come to an end. That’s exactly how Lafferty’s fans feel after hearing about his trade. Many fans fawned over his goodbye note. One fan commented, “This is so pure 🥹 Sam always seemed like a solid dude on and off the ice. Best of luck to ya bud!” Another follower even recalled a beautiful story about Lafferty, “Sam was a great guy. He took 5 min this year training camp at the end of a session to talk to my son about hockey. Was only a few mins, but meant so much.” A fan also described how someone like Lafferty is what every team needs, “Lafferty was a grinder, can’t ask for more than that. Best of Luck bud”

Many fans came forward to express the depth of their loss. They wrote:

“I’m going to miss him 😔

“Big love Lafferty. Gonna miss that energy.”

“Thank Laffy Taffy. We will miss you too.”

“Laffy Taffy, it was a pleasure. Rooting for you! We’ll miss you❤

“Top man. Thank you Sam and all the best to you going forward. 🙏

People also cherished Lafferty’s dedication, “Chicago has always appreciated hard work. Your work and dedication to your job were great, and we thank you for representing our city with such class. Good luck 👍 Needless to say, this is a big loss for the Blackhawks. But hopefully, Sam Lafferty will shine brightly wherever he goes.

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