Former US Swimming Champion Found ‘Dead on Arrival’ in a Clinic in Virgin Islands

The shocking news of crime hit the sporting world when the news of former US swimming champion, Jamie Cail, came out that she was found ‘dead on arrival’ in the Virgin Islands. Although Virgin Islands Police haven’t yet spoken much about the case, the local sources have been relying on a few pieces of information regarding the death. As reported by Fox News, the suspicion of the locals has been on Cail’s boyfriend, Kamal Thomas, a 32-year-old, who also has a criminal record in the past. 

Although it has now been more than a week since the death was reported. The police yet have to get a breakthrough in this case. Let us find out more about this case here.

The case of the 42-year-old former swimming champion’s death

Jamie Cail was one of the bright American swimmers in the 90s. She swam for many school, club, and state championships, where she also won many medals. She lived with her boyfriend in St. Johns who was convicted in a 2007 case of beating a 21-year-old to death. Although he succeeded in bailing out from the first-degree murder charges but had to face a sentence in jail.

In the case of Cail, according to the police, they were notified of the death by Myrah Keating-Smith Clinic as a ‘death on arrival’ case on February 21st around 2:40 a.m. Moreover, the clinic staff said in the statement that Cail was brought to the clinic by her boyfriend, whom they did not name, with another friend. Upon her admission, the medical staff tried but could not revive her.

As the investigation is going on, in a piece of recent news, a few people have come out with their statements.

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According to Fox News, the mother of the 2007 victim said that she was contacted by a St. John resident. She said, “They told me about how Kamal Thomas’ girlfriend was found dead.” Although she didn’t know Cail well, she added, “she was a nice person, but she just made bad choices. And he was one of them.” 

While stating the loss, the Managing Director of the US Swimming National Team said, “USA Swimming is saddened to hear of Jamie Cail’s passing. Jamie was a proud member of our National Teams in the late 1990s and was a cherished teammate. We extend our condolences to Jamie’s friends and family.”  

The police are yet not answering the media’s questions, but they have opened an investigation into the case. And are asking for anyone with information regarding it. Moreover, the autopsy reports are still in progress and haven’t been submitted to the police yet. As of now, the details of the situation are not clear, but seeing the statement, it looks like the police now have a suspect to follow.

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