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“Looks Like Somebody Stuck a Air Pump in That Dude’s Mouth”: Daniel Cormier Ridicules Ciryl Gane’s Heavyweight Physique

As the heavyweight debut fight of Jon Jones against Ciryl Gane inches closer, the world of mixed martial arts seemingly can’t stop conversing about it. Without a doubt, one of the evergreen topics of the discussion revolves around Jones’ weight gain. Recently, on ‘DC & RC’, Jones’ former rival, Daniel Cormier, broke down the upcoming fight. He also revealed his thoughts about the fighter’s muscle gains. However, he did not back away from igniting some sparks of rivalry. 

Cormier also claimed that ‘Bones’ was unable to pack a proper punch. He revealed that the former light heavyweight champion lacked jarring power, although he excelled in other skills. On the other hand, DC praised ‘Bon Gamin’ for his commendable skills in striking. Furthermore, the UFC commentator believed that the French warrior was going to be ready to fight Jones.

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In the recent episode of ‘DC & RC’, Cormier and Ryan Clark talked about the upcoming Jones versus Gane fight. Without a doubt, DC had a lot to say when it came to Jones’ skills. DC said, “I think he’s gonna have to use a skill Ryan because I tell you this right now, Jones did not punch very hard. Like, that was one of the things that stood out about him.” 

Although Jones had proper strength in his knees, elbows, and kicks, his punching prowess was a bit low. However, he believed that getting heavier might strengthen his punches, as well. Nevertheless, DC claimed that Gane was one of those who pack a punch. He hinted that Jones might have trouble with Gane.

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Furthermore, DC tackled Jones’ weight gain. He revealed that Jones only developed his upper body, while his lower half was still looking lean. However, Gane’s physique impressed the former UFC champion. Surprisingly, that didn’t stop him from making fun of the fighter. DC said, “You look at Ciryl Gane, it looks like somebody stuck a air pump in that dude’s mouth and just started pumping.” Furthermore, he said, “He’s just lean, he’s ripped, and he’s big and he’s strong. This is a very big challenge for Jon Jones.”

Daniel Cormier defends Jon Jones’ confession

Although the rivalry between Jones and Cormier was one of the most hyped, the two have shown that they can still support each other in times of need. Recently, when ‘Bones’ acknowledged that he would have fear in the heavyweight division that he lost in the light heavyweight category, DC swooped in for Jones’ defense.

Jon Jones
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JULY 06: Jon Jones of the United States looks on prior to his UFC Light Heavyweight Title bout against Thiago Santos of Brazil at T-Mobile Arena on July 06, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jones defeated Santos by decision. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Cormier explained that having fear was one of the most useful things during a fight. It was the element that decided how well one was prepared for a fight. Nevertheless, owing to the confession, DC declared that Jones would be more prepared.

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