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‘Change Has to Happen’: PGA Tour’s Latest Announcement Gets a Quirky Approval From Paige Spiranac

Change is inevitable and a rule of life. It regulates growth and pushes us to walk further. The sports world is not untouched by these phenomena and includes golf. To keep up with the challenges and demands, the PGA Tour has announced changes in the 2024 schedule, and everyone is talking about it, including the former pro golfer Paige Spiranac. Her latest tweet is the epitome of support for the change.

Paige Spiranac believes in change

The golf beauty took her Twitter account and expressed her views on the recent announcements. People are judging Jay Monahan for bringing the changes to live up to the expectations of growth in the game. However, Spiranac supported the change and said, “We constantly talk about growing the game of golf then bitch when actual change happens.” She explained its need further and said, “You can’t grow doing the same thing. Change has to happen. Some things will work, some won’t but you have to try new things.”

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According to reports from various sources, the 2024 schedule of the PGA Tour will have fewer designated events with limited fields of between 70 to 78 players. And as Rory McIlroy stated previously, there will be no 36-hole cuts. However, the circuit plans will reduce the field size for other designated events. They brought these changes in response to LIV Golf’s challenge of the status quo. Spiranac, being a golf lover, supports any change that will help the sport grow.

Paige Spiranac
ORLANDO, FLORIDA – JANUARY 22: Paige Spiranac speaks at the PGA Merchandise Show on January 22, 2020, in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

According to, the designated field will include only the top 50 players from the previous year’s FedEx Cup regular season list next year. Although, the top 10 players will be from the current point lists. Five spots will be available via non-designated events. Monahan’s Tour plans to create a schedule for designated and non-designated events. The intention is to allow golfers to play the game how they want and showcase their skills in bigger tournaments. 

Rory McIlroy took a stand for the PGA Tour

After they announced the changes, the LIV Golf League took no time to troll the PGA Tour. According to them, the American Tour is copying them as flattery.

The former number-one golfer broke his silence and said, “We’ve always had no-cut events on this Tour. If you think of like the four WGC’s (World Golf Championship) events, you’ve got the three playoffs events, you’ve got the CJ Cup, the Zozo, so there’s precedent there for no-cut events.” Therefore, it’s not flattery, but just growing the game of golf and giving players more opportunities.

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What are your thoughts on the change? Will it help the PGA Tour?

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