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“He Did the Conor McGregor- USADA Retirement”: Cody Garbrandt Gives No Second Chances to Former Teammate TJ Dillashaw, Who Allegedly Taught Team Alpha Male to Use PEDs

The world of mixed martial arts is undeniably full of fascinating rivalries between fighters. However, rivalries also present themselves in various forms of respect and sportsmanship. Without a doubt, a fighter is seemingly incomplete without a rival. The MMA community has observed a similar scenario in the rivalry between TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt. Although Dillashaw declared his retirement after his loss to Aljamain Sterling, Garbrandt was happy to talk about his rival.

In the recent press conference, prior to his fight against Trevin Jones in UFC 285, media personnel asked Garbrandt about his opinion on Dillashaw’s retirement. Surprisingly, ‘No Love’ connected his rival’s retirement with that of Conor McGregor. Furthermore, the bantamweight fighter revealed that he hoped Dillashaw found peace and happiness in retirement.

Nevertheless, Garbrandt also revisited his previous claims about his former teammate teaching the members of Team Alpha Male on using PEDs. Before Garbrandt, MMA fans have previously confessed to believing that ‘Lieutenant Dan’ followed McGregor’s retirement regime.

Cody Garbrandt links TJ Dillashaw’s retirement with that of Conor McGregor

Prior to his bantamweight bout against Jones in UFC 285, ‘No Love’ was asked about his former rival in the press conference.

‘No Love’ seemingly believed that Dillashaw followed McGregor. He said, “I think he did the Conor McGregor USADA retirement, you know what I mean.” Furthermore, he exclaimed that karma would get everyone. Then he talked about how bad the former UFC champion looked in his last fight. Nevertheless, he hoped that his rival found peace and joy in retirement.

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Garbrandt said, “I really think you look like s**t in the last fight, you know, truthfully. But, when you abuse your body like that and take all those stuff and you get off of it, you know there’s consequences. I think you saw that. So, yeah, hopefully you know, whatever he does, if he stays, stays retired, hope he’s, he’s found peace and happiness and good for him, you know.”

The real reason behind TJ Dillashaw’s retirement

During the fight against Sterling at UFC 280, ‘Lieutenant Dan’ severely injured his shoulder and faced defeat with a technical knockout. Although he initially wanted to return to the Octagon and reclaim his title, he changed his mind and declared he wanted to retire following his shoulder surgery.

Dillashaw revealed the warning his doctor gave him regarding his injuries. He disclosed that he has had three shoulder surgeries in the past three years. Without a doubt, the conversation with his doctor raised some concerns about his body, and he retired for the sake of his health and future.

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What did you make of Garbrandt’s comments? What do you think of Dillashaw’s retirement? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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