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“Nothing New”: Controversial Antonio Brown Shocks NFL Fans in Just One Word

Although Antonio Brown has been a controversial figure, no fan can deny his talent on the field. When he stepped on the football field, only a few could match his explosiveness. He hasn’t played in the NFL since January 2022 after storming out of a game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And a year later, he has surprised the NFL fan base with an announcement about his future.

Brown has been the center of many controversies since his unceremonious exit from the NFL. And he has shocked the fans with a one-word statement.

Antonio Brown drops a surprise 

Former wide receiver Antonio Brown shocked the fans when the news of his retirement came out. According to ML Football, the 2021 Super Bowl champion has decided to retire ‘for good’ from playing football. And the report carried just a single word statement from Brown.

“Legacy,” ML Football quoted Brown as saying.

Brown did not play the entire 2022 season after his departure from the Buccaneers. He left the field midway in the week 17 game against the New York Jets in the 2021 regular season. The Buccaneers cut him from the team a few days later and then he failed to find any other takers.

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Apart from football, the former wide receiver also dabbled with a career in music. He started a career in rap and even performed in a few music festivals after his NFL exit. But he ruffled more than a few words due to his social media statements, especially about the seven-time Super Bowl champion and his former teammate Tom Brady. But still, his retirement announcement came as a shock to the NFL fanbase.

The NFL world surprised 

The NFL world could not believe the Antonio Brown actually hung up the cleats for good. Some fans expressed their shock at the news. But some opined that the league already retired him before the announcement. Here are some fan reactions.

A surprised fan asked the question directly to AB.

Another fan asked why AB would not announce it himself.

This fan won’t believe the news unless they see some proof.

But this fan says the league already low-key retired him from the game.

Brown joined the Pittsburgh Steelers as a sixth-round pick in the 2010 NFL draft and played in the Super Bowl in his first season. Apart from the Steelers, the seven-time Pro Bowler played for several teams and finally won the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers in the 2020 season. But it started to go downhill for him since then.

While fans still can’t believe that the WR has retired, they would surely wish him well for the future.

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