“Restored My Faith in Humanity”- Pop Icon Demi Lovato and Former Bellator Champ Ilima-Lei Macfarlane Join Fans to Congratulate MMA Fighters for Noble Act

Pop icon Demi Lovato is also an ardent MMA fan. As such, she did not shy away from appreciating a humane act from a group of MMA fighters. Along with some other MMA personalities and fans, Lovato shared her support for the fighters on her social media. So what exactly grabbed Lovato’s attention along with the others?

30-year-old Demi Lovato recently shared on her socials that she had earned a purple belt in BJJ. The pop star had previously been training under the late BJJ legend Orlando Sanchez, who awarded her a blue belt. Furthermore, she has also dated former UFC champion, Luke Rockhold. Therefore, Lovato is undoubtedly in touch with the world of MMA.

Hence, when a group of MMA fighters out of West Virginia offered to be security for a drag show, the pop icon had to give them a shout-out. Recently, news broke that a drag brunch in West Virginia had to be canceled after threats of violence from right-wing extremists. In light of the event, a group of MMA fighters, coached by Johnny Haught, volunteered to offer protection to the show.

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Haught and his trainees offered their help after the news of the cancellation. “I volunteer myself and my fighters to stand guard so that people can do exactly what they want to do,” his Facebook quote read.

Fans react to MMA fighters offering security for drag brunch

Lovato shared an Instagram post about the MMA fighters on her IG post. The original post and the comments under it also showered love on the group of martial artists for their chivalry.

The post also took a swipe at controversial figure Andrew Tate and compared his idea of masculinity with that of the fighters concerned.


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The caption to the post read, “real kings support queens.” Former Bellator champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane showed her support by writing, “Where can I join?!”

Some of the other comments went as follows-

  • Real masculinity is not being threatened by other people just trying to live their damn lives
  • Standing up to bullies is one of the most noble things. Good guys.
  • As an MMA fan, this makes me proud. Great job, lads!
  • They protec. They attac. But, most importantly? They’ve got the drag queens’ bac.
  • Restored my faith in humanity
  • Ive never met these men yet I think I’d feel safe in a room with them

What are your thoughts on the news? Do you support the MMA fighters’ actions?

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Let us know in the comments below.

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